Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Once upon a time

I started a blog to share stuff with folks, people that I thought would be mostly my family. Stuff like pictures of flowers and birds in our yard, our pets, and other such stuff.
Hmm, just realized that I am not sure I ever did post that picture of the Pileated Woodpecker...... Well, just in case, here you go.


Well, I realized I have been rather lax in the whole pictures of flowers and such in the yard lately. I do have some, so this is going to be a bit very heavy on the pictures of stuff about the yard. (No knitting today for those of you that have been around since the beginning and had no idea where this was headed. For what it is worth, neither did I.)
This is some kind of cool iris bush-thing that grows on the hill near the road (but this was taken before we had mowed a lot of the grass around it down).

There is also some coreopsis up there that will be blooming soon, as well as the daffodils that have already come and gone. Someday we hope to have the whole hillside covered in flowers.

(This is that iris up close.)

This is one of the Clematis that grows on our front trellis. We also have a dark purple on that I think will be blooming in the next day or so. I am thinking about adding another one in there with them (I need to decide it there is enough room).

This is a different kind of iris and it is against the front part of the house, along with the Bleeding Heart.

We have gophers in several different areas of our lawn, including through the rhubarb, which is also very close to the garden.
(Oddly enough it is also by and through the area of the yard the dogs are in. Apparently the dogs don't seem to care or notice the gophers in their space.)

We have also had a few interesting moths about today. This one was hanging out in the office upstairs,

and this very cool looking one was on the screen door to the deck.(Hubband says it has escaped from some one's nightmare.)

While I was knitting, whoops, we aren't talking about knitting today hanging out on the deck today, I heard these funny minor cracking noises but couldn't really see anything happening. Then there was a very large crack, but this time there was definitely something to see that had happened.
On a perfectly clear and sunny day, it seems that this tree had just gotten tired of being upright and needed to have a lie down. I wonder if it realizes it has made a permanent decision?

Good thing no one was down in the "lower forty" with the lawn mower today. I am not sure how they would get out. Looks like we will need to borrow a chain saw and cut up some firewood. Maybe there is a relationship between the woodpeckers and the tree falling down (not that it was a small tree).

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Judy said...

We've got a chain saw, if you need one. ;) We had a huge oak decide it wanted to lay down two years ago. It took out some of it's little piney friends on the way down, and a branch off the neighbor's tree, etc. Hubby cut it into quarter-sawn lumber (some of it, anyway) which has been drying in our shed and is nearly stable enough for being turned into furniture soon. :)