Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Friday,

the 16th, I ran into a dear friend at the post office. For a variety of reasons we hadn't seen or talked to each other for some months and were glad to see each other and do a little bit of catching up.
The very best part of catching up was finding out that she and her husband are about to finalize their daughter's adoption; the second best thing was getting to hold said daughter!

I am sure you all know what this means.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Last week

I knit a hat.

This week I got to deliver it.


This week I made another hat,


and today it is being mailed to its new home.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few weeks ago,

(well, February 22, to be precise, since that was when this picture was taken) our front west-side yard looked like this.

A few days later (February 29), the morning after an ice/freezing rain storm it looked like this.

Saturday our west-side neighbors (the ones that are on the other side of that forest and don't have to drive past our house to get to theirs) came over to see if we wanted to borrow a chainsaw. Pretty much not, since we don't have a 35+ foot ladder to reach all the broken stuff, nor the desire/time/insurance to do it ourselves. As soon as the ground dries out just a little bit more, the tree folks will be out to make it better, plus they will haul it all away. Which we are sure the neighbors will prefer to what we would do with it, aka leave it piled in the forest to decay away.