Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We have been trying a new tactic

with Oribel. Seeing as she is a cat and all, she likes helping with computer stuff hogging the keyboard when one of us wants to use it. In keeping with her being a cat, she also really, really likes boxes, so we have given her a new box to hang out in.
So far it seems to be working out quite well. Occasionally we have to do a bit of  "stay in your box training" by scratching her ears or chin, but it is better than having her reconfigure the computer screen by stepping on the proper set of keys all at the same time.

An added bonus is that she doesn't mind having her box picked up and moved while she is still in it. That means we can set the two of them right on top of the keyboard when we are done using it, still keeping it safe while she thinks she is getting away with something. (I think she might be beginning to notice that she isn't getting as much heat from the keyboard as she used to.)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last November,

Costco opened a store here in Rochester. The addition of this shopping spot has made us very happy, if not for any other reason than for the excellent choice of staples. (Though their rebate/sale on contact solution is pretty sweet too.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last night I got a phone call

from one of our neighbors. This is a little unusual and just as I suspected as soon as I heard who it was, it was about the water. He was calling to see how our water pressure was since theirs was low; I told him that ours was really low and I had been thinking about calling him as well. He said that he had tried calling the other houses on our shared well and that two of the folks weren't home and the third agreed about low pressure. At that time he didn't think it was worth calling the well people as there is an extra charge for after hours and we did have water after (unlike the two time the well head/electrical thingie has been covered with enough ants or other bugs to shut the water supply down completely).  He said that maybe he would go out and take a look at it and maybe see if throwing the breaker off and back on would fix it. (I don't think one can "reboot" a well, but at least one feels like they have done something proactive I suppose.)
  He called back about half an hour to forty minutes later to let us know that he had made an executive decision to have the well company come out after all. Apparently we had gone from 12 to 7 PSI (or how ever it is measured) in that half hour or less and it was still going down. Something about thinking that we would all be willing to pay the extra $100 surcharge divided by five so that showers and coffee could happen around the neighborhood for work or some such thing. I assured him he made the right choice and that was why he had the (well) executive job instead of one of us. Anyway, a little while after seeing truck lights up and down the street, we had water all back to normal.
  This afternoon I noticed at least one well company truck down there so I figured there was more that needed fixing that they had noticed last night, but had just done enough to get us by until morning. Well, there must be more, since when I got home from Knit Night there was a message from him saying that the pressure was down again and he wanted us to go easy on it as much as possible tonight as it might not last until morning. At least I got the coffee maker all set up and ready just in case it flat-lines overnight. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well, we certainly

got snow last night. Totals ranged from around seven to almost nine inches, depending on the area of town and its environs. According to one of our local weathermen, he shoveled about seven inches at three this morning to get to work to shovel off the weather porch for the news at 5:30. Given that it was still snowing after nine this morning, I could believe the eight or more in our area. I looked out around seven, but didn't go down to measure and figured there wasn't a lot of point by the time was ready to go out since the wet snow had certainly suffered compression under its own weight. I can certainly say that it looked like a lot though, and the school district did call a snow day (they did that last week too).
Since there was all that snow on our driveway, Hubband went with with senario #1 and worked from home today. I started shoveling us out and since the snow was sticking to the shovel, I decided to be a bit lazy. I called Hubband on the phone and asked him to meet me inthe garage with can of Pam equivalent to spray on it. I was happy with how much easier the shoveling went after that, no more having to knock the snow off after every other pass. Not as easy or as quick as last week's shoveling was, but I got it done!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The snow storm

arrived, pretty much as predicted.  After a warm night and day today, with plenty of standing water in fields and yards, and even more flowing water across other fields with a bit of rain, the temperatures dropped and the snow started. At 4:30 this afternoon it wasn't much of anything falling out of the sky, but by 4:45 or so when we left for a potluck and movie, there were some big flakes falling. By a little after six when one person got there for the movie, she said it was starting to get slippery, and by the time we left for home at 8:30ish, it was well over an inch, if not pushing two, and Hubband was debating the best way home to avoid as much of the highway and as many hills as possible.  The roads were slippery, lanes were indiscernible, and the on-ramp was rather nasty.  We did pass one van off the road into the median on our slow way home, but there really wasn't much we could do to help (better they went off to the middle as off the other side would have been a bit of a dropoff).  The lanes on the highway, the off-ramp, and the main road  home (the one to the gravel road to our street) were all covered with snow with no way to tell where the lanes/shoulders were.  Needless to say, the road that had been very slippery mud when we left had turned to extra icky slippery snow.  We pushed a lot of snow off the roof etc of the car in the driveway before pulling into the garage in hopes of reducing the size of the lake it would be making overnight (once again, I am grateful for the floor drain in there!).
Once inside with our stuff set down, I measured the snow on the deck, and it came in at about 1.5" at around 9:00 or a little bit after; it was up to 4" when I checked it at 10:30 or so. They are predicting the possibility of 8-9" or more by morning.  If that happens, I predict one of three scenarios, #1 being Hubband works from home for the day, #2 he gets to take my car to work and I go nowhere for the day, or #3 I drive him to work if I decide I really need to go somewhere while he is at the office (FYI, I put those in the order of most likely to happen).  I'll keep you posted as to which one of those happens (or the very remote possibility of #4, which would be him driving his truck to work).

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This morning Hubband

grabbed my camera (which is usually kept either on the counter/desk thing in the kitchen, or in my purse when I am out) when he had the chance to get some pictures of the pheasant out in the yard (via the kitchen window as usual). Apparently it had been fighting with itself, but then stopped while the camera was out. Yes, we have a mirror in our yard, it belongs to Hubband, and yes, it needs to be cleaned. The yard looks a lot different now than it did this morning, due to temperatures in the mid-plus 30's all day and rain. It is kind of a lake out there now, along with the one out front, and the sloppy, slippery road to our road. It isn't going to be pleasant in the least when it freezes tonight and then gets freezing rain, wintery mix, and snow on it. Ick. (These should biggify if you want.)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Well, yesterday turned out

to be Migraine Wednesday, aka nothing happened involving me other than a lot of sleeping. Part of the time my feet had company and part of the time the company moved up to my side; I guess I might have given the company an occasional ear scratch, but that was about all I could muster.
Fortunately today was a much better day and I was able to go to a couple of appointments, shovel the front walk that still needed doing, as well as the bird feeder paths on the deck and in the yard. Then filling bird feeders also happened as well as fixing dinner and such like.So, pretty much back to normal.
While I was fixing dinner there was the normal parade of small birds at the feeders, as well as some turkeys checking out the pheasant feeder (meaning that is more than just a pheasant feeder), and then the usual parade of deer poking about to see what corn they could get out of it. The odd thing was that then one of the deer must have decided she was tired and needed to rest, as she just plunked down and settled in for awhile. We are pretty sure that some deer are doing this at night in the front yard, but we had never seen them do it in daylight, especially when they have a fairly good idea that we are watching them from the kitchen. (During dinner a four or five point buck wandered up to the feeder as well, but I didn't bother to try to get his picture as I was pretty sure I would have startled him away when I got up to get the camera. Again, we have seen "him" after dark a few times, but this was while the sun was still up.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We had a winter storm warning

that expired tonight. Needless to say, we did get snow. That 7.5"ish measurement was taken around 9:30-10 this morning, on a flat surface that had been clean before the snow started falling last night shortly before ten.

We are rather excited that the snow gauge in the yard has registered one foot, since for a fair portion of the winter it hasn't had much of anything to register at all. The guy who made this for me by special request will probably be happy too.

A few random pictures of snow evidence.

Needless to say, Oribel was NOT impressed with the stuff coming down that was keeping her inside. (Though she had plenty of opportunities to go out if she had wanted to.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This morning Oribel was desperate

to go outside, which isn't terribly unusual. Well, at least the telling us she needs out part is desperate and usual, but when it comes to the actual going out part, not so much. She always thinks she wants out, until we open the door and she finds out it is cold/windy/snowy (or any combination) out there. Once she realizes it is cold, no matter how sunny, or the wind is blowing "too" hard, she has to think about it, which of course involves standing in the doorway with just her nose, or maybe as much as her head, sticking out. This morning I told her that she wasn't even going to get to sniff the air since I needed to leave, but I did promise her she could go out once I got home.

When I got home, I could immediately tell Hubband had fulfilled my promise to her, and that she was already back inside.  (There was a towel near the door to go with all the footprints, so part of her had already been cleaned up. )  He told me that he had been able to work on her feet a bit, but that her tail still looked like it had been dipped in mud and her feet were still a bit messy. I was able to wash the tip of her tail off and her feet seemed to have at least dried off so she wasn't leaving any more mud blotches about (and Hubband also had closed the bedroom doors, so she couldn't stomp mud all over the bedding).

Shortly after I was done messing with Oribel's tail, this beautiful guy flew in to see about a snack. He was able to find a few scraps left in the feeder (and stuck around there long enough for me to grab the camera and get several pictures of him through the kitchen window). 

Then he flew over to the deck railing to check out the suet feeder there. I had to grab a picture of him quickly, since it was likely he would startle easily, since there were only about twelve feet between us.  (Last week I did see his lady friend fly into the feeder, but I was upstairs and the camera wasn't, so couldn't get her mug shot.) 
Needless to say, we are both pretty excited to have these in our woods and coming to the feeders. Good thing going suet shopping tomorrow was already on my to-do list.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Leading an introspective discussion

about a movie or book isn't exactly my favorite thing to do, but I keep volunteering for it at least once a year. Don't get me wrong, it isn't like I really hate it or anything, it just means that I have to think of interesting and topical questions. As it happens, I am doing it twice in as many weeks. A week ago I was the discussion leader for The Dovekeepers for our book group (yes, I do realize I am repeating myself), and it went quite well, in no small part due to the wonderful help from my dear Hubband. He is much more practiced than I am on leading discussion groups. Round two is coming up on Sunday evening, on a movie this time. I will be showing the movie The Dark Crystal and then leading a the discussion afterwards. Hubband might be able to help me out again, but at this point we still aren't sure. Other than the obvious theme of "Good vs Evil" I am totally open to suggestions of themes and questions to ask if any of you out there have seen the movie.