Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still no WoW, just sweater pictures!

So here is the progress on Mr. A's sweater (please ignore all the yarn hanging down.) I am going to work on the neck and start the hood later today. I may actually be able to sew the hood together tomorrow. (I suppose I should be a bit careful about how cocky/confident I get about this progress.)

The frogs had to get a good look at the progress as well.

The little frog seems a bit concerned about the hole in the sleeve join. I told it not to worry too much as it will all be sewn together soon enough.

On Sunday I made another Wee Tiny Sock for a Ravelry swap. This was made out of some yarn I dyed last summer with cherry Kool-Aid. (Biggest Brother, I'm sorry it isn't an egg for St. MM, but it was the closest crimson I could give you today.)

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