Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Imagine my surprise

when I logged onto WoW today and noticed that Miss Oribel was the "Spotlight of the Week"! Seriously, I was rather taken aback over it. I told her, but she doesn't really seem to care too much, one way or the other. (Well, with that aside, on to the WoW post I was planning.)
The other day the very fast moving spot of orange went dashing out the the door and off the deck as soon as the door opened. She hadn't been anywhere close to the door before it started to open, I am certain. Once she was off the deck she did slow down; there are sunny, warm bricks to roll around on, after all. She tends to stay on the move for a while after leaving the deck, but so far hasn't felt a very big need to go far. She has noticed that if she goes under the deck, she can't be reached, so that tends to be a favorite hang out.
Sooner or later she will wander out to check out the yard. (I am willing to let her be out as long as someone is there to watch her and make sure she doesn't go too far afield.) The bird bath seems to be rather high on her "I Really Need to See This" list.

I wasn't quite fast enough with the camera to catch her sniffing the edge, but was able to catch her right after. I really think if she could figure out how to drink out of this, she would. I am waiting for the day she jumps up to look closer.

Once she had the bath checked out, she was moving on to hang out under the bird feeder in hopes of some other excitement. She did manage to hold very still right under it until a bird had forgotten she was there and was happily eating a snack. Just before she was able to do something about that, the world's best babysitter had to make fuss and tell us, "Oribel is off the deck! She is loose in the yard! Are you paying attention here?" Needless to say, when a Basset whines about a free cat, the birds fly off and the cat is disappointed. Good thing she didn't really realize it was Sadie's fault she lost out on her chance to have an excuse to jump up into the air.


Anita said...

Quick little suckers when they want to be! LOL Looks like she had a great time.

Jayhawk said...

Dude, you seriously need to level that birdbath.

Bubblesknits said...

I hope you didn't mind me hijacking your pics of Miss Oribel. :-) I had a slight panicked moment late Monday night when I thought that it was really Tuesday night. I wrote up the post as fast as I could, only to realize right after I hit publish that I was a whole day early. LOL I blame it on Vegas. Too many free drinks and a town that never sleeps. ;-)

Monica said...

Aww... let's just hope she doesn't stalk the bath when the birds are in it!

& Oribel is adorable... her spotlight was well-deserved!