Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Sweetie!

Happy Anniversary to you too!
(I hope meetings are going well. You know I miss you.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

When I shared this


with my uncle the other day, he said, "Well, you must have some really fine knitting needles."
Happy Birthday today to my Favorite Uncle!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where was I last?

Oh, right, I was at the point of one big block, wasn't I? Well, ends all got woven in, the i-cord got done, and the finial bits and pieces were woven and snipped, and a washing/blocking have been accomplished. Thus it has been declared finished! Not that you can see said edging, but I promise it is there. The finished size is about 40" by 54" and weighs in at about two pounds. I loved working with this yarn, the pattern was very well written and a lot of fun to knit up. Actually nice enough that I told Hubband part way through this one that I was pretty sure I would make it again. I have concluded that I will, just not this month. (Want to know something else cool about the pattern? As of June 3, $15000 had been donated from the sales of this pattern, at $5 a pattern purchase!)
For those that are wondering (or haven't figured it out) about why I picked the colors I did and why they are arranged the way they are, I am happy to share said information. A couple of years ago, I had decided to knit a "Block A Month Blanket" as can be evidenced here. Well, I did get a couple of the blocks made, but the idea kind of stalled. The stalling had nothing to do with the sewing together issue, it had more to do with the finding the pattern for what I kept seeing in my head. (For the record, what I kept seeing would be much easier to produce with pieces of fabric. That might still happen someday, but don't hold your breath for it to be very soon.) Anyways, I had been acquiring the proper colors/yarn and was waiting for the proper inspiration/pattern/thing to happen, as I knew it would and sure enough, as soon as I saw the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern I knew it was exactly what I wanted. So, the first one is blue for Advent (depending on a few things, that could have been purple instead), the second is white for Christmas, the third is green for Epiphany. Next comes purple for Lent, red for Holy Week, and white for Easter. The seventh one is red for Pentecost Sunday, then there are three different green ones for the long season of (Sundays after) Pentecost/Ordinary Time. That brings us to the eleventh block, which is red for The Feast of St. Luke (not necessarily significantly more important than other saints, but he happens to be the patron saint of our congregation), and the twelfth/last block is white for The Feast of Christ the King (the last Sunday in the liturgical year before starting over with Advent).

Now I just have to hope that the person I made this gift for isn't allergic to wool.