Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stuff to do very, very soon.

Hubband and I went to see a movie tonight. A seriously excellent movie at that. If you haven't seen it, go now. Well, OK, if it is done showing for the night where you are, you can wait until tomorrow (it is midnight here, after all). Don't wait too long, you wouldn't want to miss it. Besides, you might need to see it again on the big screen while you can. I wonder who I can get to go with me in the next few days?


Jayhawk said...

I liked it quite a lot, but felt the it didn't quite live up to expectations. Maybe my expectations were too high, because I think Pixar is about the greatest thing since, since, since... well, ever, and I have been breathlessly waiting for the release. (With my lungs I wait breathlessly for pretty much everything, but...) It was one of the better movies of the summer, tho.

momlee said...

Absolutely a seriously excellent movie - I'd go with you if I were there. As it is, I may have to go again by myself. Who knew one could feel maternal about a robot? But then, a very special robot!!!

bruce said...

another huge hit from Pixar. I agree with Jayhawk, Pixar is the greatest. There are some other good movies out, but still..