Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plants and dirt, but no planting

Well, I did get to the nursery for potting soil, post bags and some flowers, but I didn't get the stuff planted. I am hoping to get that done tomorrow before I drive to the Twin Cities airport to pick up Daughter The Elder. Guess who gets home from Greece tomorrow!!! She called yesterday after they got back to Athens, and even though she is having a wonderful time and loves Greece, she is about ready to come home. I kind of got the impression that she would be happy to stay longer if her travel companions were somewhat different. She said she has lots of pictures and I am assuming she has lots of stories. I pick her up at four pm and then we drive home in real rush hour stuff; so don't count on a post tomorrow.
I did do a little knitting on a prayer shawl during the last part of a movie (well I knit after I ripped, but hey). It is almost half done, which is good as I have a purse to knit for DTE and yarn coming for a Dr Who scarf for Daughter The Younger. Not like I don't have another scarf going as well, but it is a smaller protect. I really have two Dr Who's to make and may do them at the same time on the same needles. (I will admit that I don't think I have ever had just one knitting project going at a time since I first learned how.) Just think, 40 plus hours knitting time on the train to and from Portland in August! (That is factoring in sleep time by the way. It is about 40 hours on the train one way.)
I will give you more pictures soon!

Monday, May 28, 2007

A perfect day to spend playing "Diggy-Dirt"

This was today's project. Unfortunately, there isn't a before picture. I removed some vines, weeded, turned over dirt, added potting soil from last year's porch pots and manure, and turned over again. Then I planted twelve tomato plants, one zucchini, and two cucumbers. I need to get a few more cages, some mulch, and something else, but I don't remember what right now, and that garden will be done. It isn't very big, only 11 feet by 8 feet, so that is why it is mostly tomatoes. They are one of the few things that I just have to grow in my limited space and then I get a lot of other stuff at the Farmer's Market. Maybe it seems like a lot of tomatoes, but less than I had last year 'cause they were just too crowded.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get stuff for the porch pots and bags for the posts. Some of the pots go out front and some go on the deck. Some get to be flowers and some get to be herbs. Basil is a requisite of course, and the rest depends on what they have at the nursery when I get there.
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This is (I hope obviously) the one that goes with fushia text. I will be putting something else up in a little while, but wanted to at least get these up.
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So this is th picture that was supposed to go with what the hubband did and wasn't there.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today I worked on this...

Today I worked on this but I still need to get either the right size jump rings for them, or get heavy enough wire to make the right size jump ring. When they are all grown up they will be knitting stitch markers. I have two more sets to make, but Daughter the Younger just made a set, so I might only need to one more. Otherwise I might sign up for another partner in the exchange.

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While I worked on my project, Harold worked on his. His projects included stuff for work, washing the dogs (which involved a lot of pieces of bread which didn't really work), taking pictures of birds in the yard and of our flowers. The only part worth sharing at this point are the last two since his work isn't something that makes sense on a blog and you can't tell the improvement of the dogs in a picture. So, you all get lucky and have several of his pictures with the new camera! (I also did a bit of knitting so that Mr. Simon Dog would stay out in the sun and stop scratching on the screen door, but no pictures of that yet. I'll figure out how to run the camera soon and then I can take more pictures of stuff like that and post them.)

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This is one of the three fuchesia on the front porch.
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  This is one of the two clematis that grow on the trellis in the front yard.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Making Progress

So, after fits and starts of how my computer remembers stuff, what browser I use, and I don't know what all, I am now at the point of being able to easily add new posts. Great thanks to Bill for all his help when things were going downhill fast and the hubband said I might consider blogging at different site (since that is where the problem seemed to be). Wasn't site error, or user error, mostly a "learning the new computer curve" thing. Well, we were back to a repeat of one issue, but that was easier to figure out and the hubband decided there is a minor bug in the email sign on spot, but hey, we got that figured out too.
So, the camera has arrived, and we have some great pictures on my computer, I just need to find the info on how to get them onto the blog. Oh yeah, and change the file size, or they will take ten minutes to load, or so the youngest one says. I don't know, something about 10 mega pixels or something. So, give me a couple of more days and I will have pictures of the Palliated eating suet, the cat, the "defective dog" (someone says we should have gotten her for half price since she seems to be upside down a lot of the time), other birds, flowers, etc.
Thanks for being patient; I hope to get this figured out yet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I decided to start a blog, and this is what you get today.

I keep sending out multiple person emails about the goings on in the family and the yard. I keep getting requests from my family and friends for pictures of the birds in our yard (and a few for pictures of the family). So, I am hoping that this can help out on the picture front, but that won't happen for a couple of days. "Why?" you ask. Well because the digital camera that I would use is in Greece with our oldest daughter, and the new one we are getting hasn't arrived yet. So, please be patient for a few days and then I hope to be able to post pictures that folks have been asking for of the birds in the yard. But if we are going to be realistic about it, you might get to see pictures of the cat, pictures of the dogs, and pictures of the cat and dog(s) together. If you are lucky, and I have their permission you will also get pictures of the family. Oh, yeah, and you might even get pictures of the stuff I make.