Saturday, September 29, 2007

A smattering of dish cloths

Anne, over at The Bag Lady and the Pro, is having a Dishcloth Contest. I am running late on letting you know about it (but I figure most of you that might want to know that read my blog probably already do know!), but I have had the dishcloth done for a few days. I just haven't posted the picture until now.

I used Bamboo circulars in a size seven. The pattern calls for a size six, so that might account for why mine seems to be a bit bigger than the "expected" results. But hey, isn't a dish cloth really just a good-looking usable gauge swatch? I knit in the "English" style. I will toss the nominee "Leaving Kansas" into the "Name the Pattern" hat.

I have also made this funky dish cloth from the Monthly Dish Cloth KAL. "Funky" because it is so different from most anything I ever make, but it was kind of fun to watch it turn into an apron. I will say, "Yes, I know there are strings hanging off of it. It isn't done yet." I am supposed to crochet around the "neck" and add crocheted ties on the shoulders. Do you all remember that I don't know how to crochet? Thus, why it isn't done. I don;t even know if I am supposed to cut the strings off, so I am waiting until I go to one of my knitting groups this week and see if someone can help me. Hmm, I guess that means I am going to have to find a crochet hook and remember to take it with me.

I have made another dishcloth this week that is for my spoilee in the FIADS. This is the first view.

This is the second view. I finally did a piece of shadow knitting! I think it is pretty cool!
I actually made another dish cloth this past week, but just realized I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll work on that tomorrow when it is daylight and I am not falling asleep.

More Wizard Tales

I mentioned the other day that it turns out my uncle was a teenage wizard. Today he has posted about trying to teach an owl to fly. It is a very entertaining account as why this is NOT the best idea.
Just in case any of you wanted to know about such a thing

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ginger Scones (among others)

I have had several folks ask me to post my recipe for Ginger Scones, so here goes. Well, maybe I will give my basic scone recipe and a couple of favorite variations, including the ginger ones. Hope that is OK with those of you that have requested this!

Basic Scones
2 cups flour
2 TBS sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter, cut into pieces
2/3 cup buttermilk
1 large egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Grease cookie sheet or line with parchment paper.
Combine flour, sugar, BP, soda, and salt in large bowl (or bowl of food processor if desired). Cut in butter until it resembles coarse crumbs. (if using food processor, transfer to a large bowl.) Mix together buttermilk, and egg, then pour into dry ingredients and stir gently until mixture comes together. On a lightly floured surface knead gently five or six times. With floured hands, transfer to cookie sheet and pat into eight-inch circle. Cut into eight wedges with a sharp knife. Separate slightly. Bake 14 to 16 minutes,or until golden. Transfer to wire rack.
You could also pat these out gently on the floured surface and cut there, then transfer gently to prepared sheet.
Variations: All added ingredients get mixed into flour/butter mixture after the butter is cut in and before the milk/egg is added unless otherwise noted.

Drop Scones: Do not knead. Drop by quarter-cupfuls onto prepared cookie sheet. Makes ten.

Cheddar-Bacon-Chive: Reduce sugar to 1 TBS and add 1/2 tsp pepper. Stir in the following ingredients: 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese, 1 TBS chopped fresh chives, and 3 strips cooked, crumbled bacon.

Corn-Green Chile: Reduce flour to 1 3/4 cups, add 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal and a pinch of red pepper. After cutting in butter, add 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels (thawed) and one 4 oz can chopped green chilies, undrained.

Rich Tea: Increase sugar to 1/3 to 1/2 cup (as per your taste), increase butter to 1/2 cup and substitute 2/3 cup half and half for buttermilk. Bake for 12 min. (You could use whole milk.)

Ginger: Use rich tea version with these added changes. Substitute 1/2 cup dark brown sugar for regular sugar, add 1/2 to 1 tsp dry ginger to dry ingredients. Mix in 1/2 cup diced crystallized/candied ginger tossed with small amount of powdered sugar to flour/butter crumbs. Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger to egg/1/2 & 1/2 mixture. Before baking scones brush tops with melted butter and sprinkle with brown sugar.

I have made the Cook's Illustrated Blueberry Scones using the changes of substituting brown sugar, adding powdered and fresh ginger, and using diced candied ginger for the blueberries. I probably used at least a cup and maybe more.
The amount of ginger used is really to the taste of the baker, so I tend to use a fair amount!

Wow! My Uncle was a wizard long before Harry!

He had an owl to deliver rabbit-package mail to him. How cool would that be!
Just so you all don't have to click through the comments, I'll just post it here.

Jayhawk said...

Oscar was a Great Horned Owl and, yes, my best friend Dale and I did carry him around in a bucket, but only until he developed feathers and learned how to fly. After that he rode on a leather sleeve on our wrists. As I recall he stood about two feet high and weighed about three pounds once he was grown.

We found him in the wild, all down and fallen from a nest which we could not locate. So we took him home and raised him. He hung out on the woodpile and bringing in wood became my job since he would attack anyone who approached other than Dale or me.

His favorite trick was to grab the caps off of our heads in full flight, which always came as a surprise since he approached from behind and we never heard him coming.

I had him for something over three years and he went rabbit hunting with us. The 22 rifle didn't bother him, and he caught more rabbits than we shot.

Since we had taught him to be a daytime creature he could not survive in the wild so when we left for Navy and college we donated him to the local zoo. He was, to my knowledge, doing fine about ten years later.

(Me again) I bet it would keep the squirrel population down too. This isn't a picture of Jayhawk's owl, just one I found so you all could see what a Great Horned Owl looks like.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Odds and Ends of Stuff

Well, for starters, I am so glad I made a fair number of you smile at my humor. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my question and for letting me know that I have readers out there!

I heard a story from my Grandmother a couple of years ago about a pet that someone near and dear to me once had. She told me that this said relative had a pet owl that he carried around in a tin bucket. Now I have to take this story with a grain of salt as she was given to flights of fancy, even more often as she got on in years (or maybe flights of dementia, depending on who you ask). Anyway, I sometimes wonder if this story is true, and if so, what kind of owl was it? What was its name? And how in the heck did you convince it that a tin bucket was what it should hang out and be carried about in?

The other night Hubband and I watched Stranger Than Fiction at the recommend of DTE. I loved the "I brought you flours" scene. It was very sweet and thoughtful of him to put such thought into a gift for Ana. I could totally relate to a present like that filling my cupboard. Plus it would be used.

Last item for odds and ends of the day is my answer to the "Topic of the Week" for FIADS.

Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?
The cool nights without the humidity, because I can finally sleep with the windows open.
The angle of the sunlight coming in the windows that the animals search out all day long.
The crunch and smell of the leaves as I walk through them.
The honking of the geese overhead.
Fall produce.
The changing colors. The colors are different here than in other regions of the country where I have lived, but I have always lived somewhere that gets definite seasons. I wouldn't want it any other way. (For those of you out there who are now saying, "What about the time you lived in Texas?" I will say that Texas was a rest stop in the road, but we never really lived there.)
What is there not to love about Autumn in the northern part of the US?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A question

When the world's most famous mime artist dies, should we honor him with a few moments of loud noise?

(OK, I have a really weird sense of humor, in case you hadn't noticed by now.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It was brought to my attention today (by DTE) that somehow the setting had changed and was not allowing anonymous comments. I am really sorry about that. It should be fixed now!


Yesterday I stopped into Best Buy, a place I haven't been into in ages. I was just going to poke around a bit and then head home. I had no plans or need to buy anything, "Just looking, thank you."

Then I happened upon this, and I fell down. Hard.

Apparently in came out while I was gone to Portland, and somehow I had missed that it even existed. I am not sure how the daughters let that happen. The new Collector’s Edition has a bunch of new stuff that I am looking forward to watching. No, I didn't watch it right away. The pre-amp for our stereo system is in the shop and has another week or two before it is fixed (if it can be). So if I watch it, it will be through the PS2 without the great sound system. I might make the sacrifice.

It is a very cool box too. I hope I don't have to hide it when the girl-children come home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can you see it now?

I have no explanation as to why the rest of you saw no deer picture. I had one in my "preview" option, I had one in my "posted" option, I even had one when I logged onto a different computer (that I don't think can talk to my computer right now). So, "I got nothing." Except I am redoing this and hoping that you get to see them now (but the network support is obviously lacking earlier).
Update: I have fixed the previous post so you should be able to see it there too, but am leaving both up for the network support. Oh, and I just realized they are two different pictures.

Ahoy, me hearty readers!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, happening since 1995, but it really gained recognition with promotion by Dave Barry. It is also significant to Pastafarians, because they consider pirates to be divine beings. So, go talk like a pirate today! (Check out the links too if you want more than just my word for it.)

This was the view from my kitchen window at lunch time today. Well, not exactly. This is really from DTY's bedroom window because the kitchen one is just too dirty to take a picture through. So this is from the floor above the kitchen, but you get the general idea. I think I will clean her window though, it turns out to be a great place to take pictures of the backyard. Of course, I don't know how to run the camera to the best of its abilities; hopefully there will be pictures using the zoom soon. There were a couple more deer that didn't make it into the picture. That part is a bit sad, because there was a mix of deer that had changed color for the fall as well as some that hadn't. I was hoping to show you all "fall deer" compared to "summer deer." Maybe I'll still be able to pull that off. (I think I will clean the kitchen window too.)

So, I figured out the fits I was having with the computer earlier (or the computer was having with the operator, whichever the case may be) that kept me from showing you the very cool stitch markers that Jayne sells over on Etsy. So here they are in their very cool coffee bean glassiness.

I also mentioned that she had very pretty yarn and this is just one of her color ways. She also has one that looks like fall leaves, but you can go and see for yourself what a beautiful job she does.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dishcloth Swap Topic of the week

Here is the latest installment of the "Getting to know your dishcloth swap partner" postings. (Which I think is really a great idea and very helpful!)

When you knit dish clothes, wash clothes or face clothes, what do you use?Well, I have been using a lot of "Sugar'n Cream" lately, with a little "Peaches & Cream" thrown in.
What size needle? A size seven Clover Bamboo circular. (I think it is about twenty four inches long.)
Why do you love that needle so much? Well, for starters, because it is a circular. That means I don't have to worry about where "that other needle" has been set or rolled off to. Also, I can just push all the stitches to the middle, shove it in the bag, and be good to go. For this weigh of yarn and the way I knit, I like the density of the resulting fabric. Not to tight to knit, and not to limp when it is done.
Is there one you are dying to try? Well not that I can think if at this time. I have a lot of the afore mentioned cottons and managed to stumble upon a bunch of Cotton 100 that was hiding in my basement. This yarn was discontinued long enough ago that it doesn't show up in Berroco's list of discontinued yarns. I plead the "It was on the $1.00 table at my LYS in Salt Lake City years ago." (Read, we moved to MN in 1999.) Hey it is soft and all cotton and will soon be turned into dishcloths (or maybe dishtowels or a bathmat).
Is there a particular yarn you love and use all the time for clothes? The previously mentioned Suger'n Cream or Peaches and Cream.
What is so special about it? Good sturdy all cotton. Knits up quickly, machine washable and dryable, and comes in a ton of both variegated and solid colors. All that and the price. It runs about $1.50 or less as the regular price and goes on sale for just over a dollar at Hobby Lobby on a fairly regular basis. I can get two BallBands out of two skeins with a bit leftover. I have made a couple of smaller than "standard" Chinese Waves dish clothes out of some leftovers. I also made a couple of Mandy's Candy bags out of the leftovers.
I will say that I have used 100% cotton chenille a lot in the past and really liked it a lot, especially for face cloths. It is very soft and holds up well in the wash.

Coffee beans, beads, yarn

I found these really cool stitch markers. They look just like coffee beans! They are made out of glass beads. Just in case you haven't gone over and looked at them yet, you better go now. I promise I'll still be here when you come back.

See, aren't they really cool?! I am thinking I need some, but I might turn them into earrings instead of using them just for knitting. Or I might have to get two sets so I can use them for both. Won't be getting them this week or next I don't think, but... (I suppose one could consider this a hint for a present if they really wanted to.) Oh, she has really pretty yarn too!

Oh look! I can just order the beads! In light or dark roast! The same ones as above, but two color choices, and it is a string of twenty-five! I will just say that I think these are really, really cool and awesome pieces of glass! Just in case no one had figured that out by now!

BTW, I would just give you a picture of them, but I can't figure out right now how to load the picture to the proper place (and my remaining helper of such things is gone on a business trip). So, you will just have to click on one of the links and go see for yourself how cool they are.

Addendum: The other thing about Hubband being gone in regards to computer stuff (besides not being here to help me figure out the picture thing? I can't use the printer until he gets home. The remaining desktop computer got moved from "the computer room" to DTY's bedroom after she left for college. The printer got moved from the computer room to Hubband's office. Just as he got done packing up his laptop to leave yesterday, he realized Kaylee and the printer won't be able to talk to each other without his computer as a go between. Fortunately, this is not a big problem and he is only gone for a few days. Luckily, I know since he is such a wonderful guy, he will fix this problem before he goes on a long trip.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Coffee yarn and used books

OK folks, here you go. This is a picture of coffee-dyed yarn, along with a bit of what the color looked like before it was dyed. As a bonus you get to see a bit of my weaving. Not pressed weaving, since it is a scarf and has been (obviously) wrinkled up all summer. Hey, I never promised ironing!

Here is a pile of dyed thrums(the leftover warp that gets cut off when you are done weaving) and the original yarn. This yarn is dyed to be fairly dark, because I thought the color was prettier than the lighter color I experimented with. To answer the question that I am sure some of you are wondering, "No, the darkness of the roast has no bearing on the darkness of the dyed yarn." It is all about the weight ratio of the dye stuff to yarn. Not as much dye stuff (coffee, onion skins, bugs, snails, etc.)to the amount of yarn, you get a lighter colored yarn. The more stuff you use, the darker your yarn. I used only your basic mordant of alum and cream of tarter. You can skew the colors of natural dyed yarns by tossing in other chemicals, safe ones being things such as vinegar. Not safe ones include heavy metals like copper. Yeah, I go for not messing with my septic tank and ground water too much. When I clean the basement this winter I should come across the experiment samples of different colors. When I find them, I'll pass them on.

Have I ever mentioned that I think buying/getting/giving used books is a perfectly acceptable thing to do in life? I mean, if it isn't used before I get it, it will be used right away. (Well, I don't give used books to others if i don't know how they feel about it.) I don't "collect" cookbooks, but I sure do like them. I will admit to owning quite a few of them (don't even ask), but I don't need random ones just for the sake of owning another cookbook. I have been looking at this particular one for a while now, but haven't thought it was worth $30, or even the price it would be at B&N with my mom's member discount. I even looked at it at the store this summer on our day trip in Portland. It was cheaper there, but I still wasn't sure it would be worth the money. I figured I would check it out from the library first and then decide if I wanted to own it. Can I just say how much I love AbeBooks? I figured as long as I was looking for a few other books there, I might as well check prices for it too. I found it for only $4 and it showed up in my mail box yesterday.
I was looking for this book, which I had to get. It had already fallen into my "Should I buy this cookbook?" criteria of, "If I have checked it out of the library three times already, it makes sense to buy it." I love this book (obviously since I have checked it out/renewed it at least four times and had over due fines on it), and we will see how the Bob's one is. It can't be too bad for the price (and no, shipping wasn't very much either!).
That same rule has been known to apply to other types of books as well. Mason-Dixon Knitting is on my Powell's wish list. Why? 'Cause I have renewed/checked it out several times already (I have lost count, so it has to be more than three) and probably will again soon. I want to make their baby sweater for a friend, so need to read it again for that pattern. Besides, you would think that I might own it for all the Ballbands I have made already. (Powell's didn't have what I was looking for at the time, and AbeBooks doesn't have a wish list. I'm not really picky about where used books come from, but it is really cool that Abe is all independent booksellers.)
Now I am off to test the "The house will blow up if you turn on the furnace before October 1st" theory. It isn't even dinner time and is only 63 degrees in the house, plus there is a frost warning for tonight. I figure I can test the theory and maybe blow up, or I can definitely freeze! Plus, I need to make bread and it will take a lot longer at this temp. (Of course it is supposed to be seventy plus by Monday, but hey, I know how to turn it back off.)

Ponds, plants, and missing Kitty

This is a picture of our porch pond in the spring. We haul it out of the shed every spring, put it on the front porch, check for leaks, fill it with water, bring the goldfish out for the summer, and buy just a couple of plants to keep the water oxygenated, and to make the whole thing worth it. We used to put a pump/fountain in it each year, but I have replaced it twice in seven years and just never got around to the third needed replacement this year. Which is a bit sad as I really miss the sound of the moving water. You will note that there are three plants in this thing. The taller plant, a water hyacinth, is the one that gave us these awesome flowers.

This is what it looks like today. See all those plants? Yeah, they propagate like crazy all summer long. There are now seven of the water lettuce where there had been two. I also have four of the water hyacinth. Yeah, there is a reason these are classified as invasive non-native plants in a lot of places. I don't worry about them invading much since I keep them contained. They also won't winter over. The first year I brought the whole thing in to keep it gurgling away inside. Well, that didn't work very well for several reasons. DTE's cat, Kitty tried to drink out of it, but she fell in. I was not too crazy about a wet, long-haired cat running around the house! The next thing we learned was that Kitty did not like the plants. She would grab the plants and drag them all over the house, beating them up in the process. No matter how many times we put them back, or reduced the number of plants see if that helped, we would find a bedraggled water plant somewhere in the house within an hour after returning it to the water. All of those things, and the dogs banging the heavy ceramic pot into the wall and splashing water all over as they ran past it while playing tag, led to putting the pond pot in the shed, getting a bowl for the goldfish, and donating all the plants to the girl's high school biology lab.

The next fall when I brought the fish back in they had outgrown their bowl from the spring. Since I wouldn't want to live in a fish bowl myself, I kind of figured they might not either. (Like a goldfish really cares?)
Well I didn't want to have just a boring bowl to look at all winter, so I gussied up the new one a bit.

We have a frost warning for our area tonight so I might just need to move the fish into its winter home. I guess I could leave a plant in it this year since it won't drive Kitty crazy. I would really rather have her and no plants in the fishbowl. I would even be happy with water plants being drug all over the house. Besides, who is going to pet the goldfish this winter with out her here?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thanks for all the feedback

I just want to thank you all for the feedback you have given for the "New Blog Look" that my FIADS Super Secret Spoiler gave me. It was really her work, just my cutting and pasting.
Several folks have asked about the lack of coffee dyed yarn pictures; I promise that I will have some up soon. I would have them now, but since we have a thunderstorm going on, I am going to wait a couple of hours and the sun should be back out. I will also write sometime about the process, since I have had questions about that too.

Since the week is coming to an end and I need to address the FIADS "Topic of the Week" here goes.

Topic Question
Now that in some geographic locations the weather is starting to turn cooler, do you change the type of yarn(s) you knit/crochet with? No.

If not, why do you not switch and what do you knit/crochet with? For me knitting is about the process of watching something that seems like magic happen. I take one big long stick and "string" and end up with a dishcloth, scarf, sock, or whatever I am making. Who knew I was a wizard? I sure didn't. I love the creative process, thus I do a lot of "What if I did this instead?" I enjoy a project that takes a while to finish (one of the reasons I am making Dr. Who), but I am into instant gratification, thus dishcloths. The Ballband is a lot of fun to watch the interaction of the colors happen as it grows on the needles. Each one is different, depending on the colors and the placement thereof.
Thus, I don't knit with a particular type of yarn based on what season it is currently, I knit with a particular yarn based on what I feel drawn to create or learn at the moment. This would also be why I can work on more than one creation, knitting or otherwise, in the course of a short amount of time. I am also easily distracted!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So here it is!

This new look is the present that my Fall into Autumn Dish Cloth Super Secret Spoiler has already given me. There is a user-error issue with the links to visit area, but I am working on figuring out how to fix that. Should be done with it in the next day or so. One friend of mine looked at it while I was in the process of changing it, so I already have her feedback. Any one else care to add their opinion?

I figured out how to fix the "Links to Visit" but have realized I need to work on the archive part as it doesn't seem to be linking through. So, please be patient while I learn how to read code to fix it. (The daughters would be proud of me if they knew I was learning more code-reading, but I don't think they read my blog.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Falling off the (Ballband)wagon and presents

Well the other night I just had to make another Ballband Dishcloth. It had been over two weeks since the last one after all! Well, and I had seen the new Sugar'n Cream Twists yarn, so of course I had to try it. Lucky for you all, since I haven't posted any pictures for awhile. I am going to be giving you several more to make up for it.

Today I got mail from my Knit One Tea Too Pal! She sent me all sorts of goodies from The Republic of Tea. There is a cup with its own infuser, Rose Petal Tea, some sample bags of two other kinds of tea, a notebook, some fiber Soak (which I have never used), Tea stitch markers, and a few other goodies, as well as Gingerbread Biscotte. The best part of the packages was the yarn! It is Whatnot Sport, dyed by Joni of Union Center Knits and appears to come via Wool Girl. It is very beautiful! I shall give you a close-up of how pretty it is.

I am really looking forward to making myself pink and brown socks. I am hoping she will send me the recipe for the biscotte because they are really, really yummy! I would love to be able to make them and send them to the Daughters. They love gingerbread as much as I do, and the regular stuff just doesn't ship well at all!

"Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange matches went out today and I have already gotten a present from my Super Spoiler! I am excited about it, but am afraid you all will have to wait a day or two until I show it to you. There is going to be an outage on Blogspot tonight (as I am guessing some of you already know) and I want to get this post up before that happens.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Needles to drool over

Oh man, I never thought I would desire a knitting needle so much. Now, many of you may remember when the Harlot mentioned these last July, but despite following all the links, I haven't figured out where to get them in the US. Today's inbox included a regular Knit Picks email event, but the picture sent me into drool mode. I don't get all twitterpated about very many things, but these needles have definitely got my heart going a bit faster than normal. I just have to say they are really beautiful!! OK, they are colorful, and I love color. They promise to be nice smooth wood, and I really like smooth wood in my hands (while I enjoy bamboo needles, they aren't as smooth as hardwoods). Oh man, I might need new DPs for socks, or two circulars for socks, or something. Or just pretty pieces of colorful wood to look at and try not to drool on. Well, I am sure I would find something to fill them up with if some of them came to live at my house.

Yesterday and the night before I played with my Wolf for not nearly long enough, but it got late enough I decided to stop. I had my towel pattern all figured out, sampled perfectly, but I needed to order yarn for them. Yeah, I have lots of yarn already, but not the right (weft) yarn. So it is on its way. Then I will be making towels like crazy for my Towel Exchange. I am very excited about the pattern I designed for them. Don't know if anybody else will be, but I am and that is good enough for me!
Oh, I found this really cool pattern recently and think it is pretty awesome too. Maybe I could knit a colorful bag on colorful needles? Sigh. Maybe I should put these on a wish list for Hubband.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Fall into Autumn" Dishcloth Swap

Yep, I am signing up for another swap. They are fun and I get to knit a specific thing, instead of my often "random, what do I do with it now" stuff. Plus I like hand knit dish/facecloths. (I actually am planning on signing up for one more swap in the next week. More to come on that soon!)
So here goes for my "Fall Into Autumn" Dishcloth swap question and answer entry.

1. Do you knit or crochet? Knitting
How long have you been doing it? since 1997

2. Have you made dischloths before? Yes
Do you use them yourself, give them as gifts, or both? Both

3. What's your favorite cotton to make cloths from? I usually use Peaches and Cream, Sugar 'n Cream, or 100% cotton chenille.
What cotton would you like to try that you haven't before ?
I am kind of wondering about Panda Cotton, but I am not sure if the stores here carry it. I am also thinking about trying Knit Pick's CotLin.

4. If you knit, do you prefer circular or straight needles? Circulars
For all, do you prefer wooden, metal, or plastic needles? Wood or metal, depending on the yarn

5. What are your favorite colors? Bright colors, at least for this. My kitchen is white and black for the most part, so I try to toss in lots of color.
Any colors you don't like much? Nope, I like them all (even black and white).

6. What do you like best about Autumn? The crisp air at night and warm days. Planting bulbs, the crunchy leaves, the deer changing color along with the maple leaves. ( I promise deer really do change color!)

7. Pies: Pumpkin? Apple? Pecan? All of em? or No Thanks!
All of them. Also apple-cranberry and Cranberry-pecan.

8. When you were a kid, were you the one who couldn't wait to get started with school , or the one who overslept on the 1st day?
Well, I don't think I ever overslept the first day, but I am not sure I was chomping at the bit to have it start either.

9. Do you celebrate Halloween? (The real key here guys is especially knowing if you have an aversion to the holiday or little goodies/decorations associated with it, given the time frame of the swap)
Yes, but not as much since we moved to a street with six houses on it and only four little kids. But I always loved making super-cool Halloween costumes for my kids. We still get use out of the one I made nineteen years ago this year. And I still have never seen another Pile of Leaves costume in all that time!

10. If you had to choose just 3 edible 'goodies' to eat for a full year, what 3 would you choose? (Well, coffee because I hate caffeine with drawl, but I suppose that is a drinking item, not eating.) Greek Rice Pilaf, Greek Souvlakia, and Ginger Scones.

11. Do you have any pets? Kids? Husbands who seem like kids? ;)
2 Basset Hounds, one Hubband, and those kids that are away at college (or where ever they really are, claiming to be at school!)

12. If you were to describe a particular yarn that shares traits of your personality, what would it be and why? Umm, I don't know. Oh, maybe variegated yarn because I can be very creative (those Halloween costumes would come to mind) and variegated yarn seems to add lots of possibilities for creating stuff. (???)

13. Do you use your cloths mostly for dishcloths, or as facecloths? Both. I have a couple of chenille one that are nice for facecloths, and I have several in the kitchen that get a lot of use (and another one for me on the needles. Very portable knitting.)

14. Favorite Fall Holiday: Halloween or Thanksgiving and why? (Feel free to share another fall memory if you do not celebrate either of these holidays)
I think it would really be my dad's birthday in the middle of November. Mostly because I remember the first time I ever cooked something all by myself was Gingerbread for his cake the year I was almost seven. He and I almost always had Gingerbread for our birthday cake 'cause it is way better than chocolate any day! Oh, can I add that as one of the things I would want to be able to eat as a treat for a year? What would I give up though? Maybe the rice.

15. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should know about?
Cigarette smoke and strong perfume smells.

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