Sunday, July 6, 2008

Unseen blob of black

is busily growing over here at Casa Coffee Yarn. Seriously, I promise it is. I have just been busy knitting and not taking pictures before dark and just didn't feel like staging one in the house. I have started with the sleeves, and am doing both of them at the same time on two circular needles. I will say that really isn't my preferred method of knitting, but I figure it really will go faster in the long run, and they will the same size with no real trouble. Plus they will both be done at the same time. I have 8.5" of them done and they only need to be about twice that, so I figure they can easily be done by tomorrow night. I promise to get a picture in daylight tomorrow. (With any luck the owner of this sweater will be allowed to look at progress pictures over the next few weeks. I might need to ask a question or two about design issues after all. Hint. Hint.)

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Judy said...

yikes....knitting with black? Hard to see! Oh aren't old yet. :)