Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swap box in the my mail today!

I got my Keepin' Cool in Summer Dishcloth Swap box today. Anita sent some wonderful things; some for me and some for me to share. She did a great job of keeping herself secret, even when posting as her real self for Whiskers on Wednesday. She has Jasmine, who for all the world looks like she could be Oribel's sister or something! Of course they both think they are Queen of the World, so I am not sure they would want to share space in the same house!

She sent treats for the dogs and toys for Oribel. (Who has carried one of them off and hidden it away already.)

She also sent some hand wash, "I'd rather be knitting" pencils, and a notepad. It seems like we can never have too many of those!

She also sent some awesome knitting treats! KnitPicks CotLin (two balls each of two beautiful colors),stitch markers, a cute sheep tape measure, and some Harmony needles with appropriate cables! Very cool! The beginnings of circulars to match my favorite sock needles!


Last, but not least, there were two beautiful dishcloths! I love them both and am thinking I could work on lace this way. Miss Oribel is still running away with my yarn too much for me to trust her with lace-weight yarn just yet!


Anita said...

I'm glad that you liked the stuff in that box... you should be getting your second one any day! :) Sorry I'm such a dingbat & forgot to include your goodies in the first one!

Judy said...

LOL...I *love* that you got a black sheep tape measure (uh oh...ours could get mixed up!). How appropriate. :)