Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If she would just cooperate

Update 3:30 PM: I realized I forgot to mention Whiskers On Wednesday, though I am hoping you all knew that was what this post is.....

Oribel usually feels very left out when the dogs get to go out on the deck and she is stuck in the house. We have told her that if she would be well behaved and stay on the deck she could come out too. (That kind of paying attention and following "the rules" hasn't worked out very well on her part.) DTE and I have put her harness on her a couple of times in the last week , just so she could wear it around the house and get used to it. Well, putting it on her required the administration of kitty treats, but we did finally get it on. The other night I put it on her and we tied a piece of rope to it (I couldn't find the leash, but the rope turned out to be better anyway.)
At first Oribel was a bit distracted by the rope and completely forgot to go out the open door.


But then she ventured out

and was distracted by the piece of rope that kept following her.

It kept following her everywhere she went,

it didn't seem to care if there were pots (or dogs) on the deck,

which wound up being a big surprise to her every time she turned around to discover it, once again.

Even when she tried to tell it "What for"

it followed her around the yard.

She got really tired of the stupid rope that wouldn't leave her alone by the time she was trying to get to the bird feeder. The rope did allow her to stand up and look into the bird bath just before this fight, which she won out wiggled out of her harness. Of course, then she had to go back inside the house.


Judy said...

LOL! Poor Oribel....she wants to be FREE! Gizzie isn't good at behaving outside either (eats grass but will NOT do what comes next until you bring her in...and she'll outwait me). Better for her to stay inside. No ticks and other bad stuff. And no chance encounters with the big orange cat that hangs about sometimes.

Jayhawk said...

I love the progression from the feline facial expression of, "Oh, look at the fun rope that is following me around." to "Get this stupid thing off of me right now."

Anita said...

OMG! That post is just too funny! I love how you took all the photos from beginning to end. He he! That Oribel is such a cutie pie. :)

I can just see me trying to get one of those harnesses on Jazzy, she would go nuts!

Claudia said...

Oribel is so adorable! I can see how that rope would frustrate her, following her all around like that. LOL I had a great time watching and reading along. Thanks!

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL!!! I agree with can definitely see the expressions. LOL By the end, she looks like she's considering strangling the nearest human with that rope. ;-)

V. said...

What a tale and a good laugh too!