Thursday, July 31, 2008

I may be morphing into an insect

I have put several knitting items into the Ravelympics pool. That should be all fine and good, except they don't seem to show on the mater roster if they are tagged properly. However, if I don't tag them with the special "ravelympics2008" tag, they are there. They had all been tagged and didn't show up; this was a common bug problem and info on how to correct it was sent. I followed the info (which involved removing tags, saving, and re-entering tags); and "Poof!" when I had the tags off they were on the roster, when I put them back on, "Poof!" they disappeared!
This is what the Ravelmpics Crazy Moderator said about it.
Paging p______ and Casey to have a look-see at your persistent bug problem! Sounds like a new species has emerged!

I am a bit excited to know I am a new bug species (and that I might be getting personal attention from the code monkey himself!). I also think I might be a bit of a geek.

(I realize this whole post doesn't make much sense to some of you. I am guessing that most of you knitters know what I am talking about.)

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Anita said...

A new species of insect huh? SNOL
All of us Ravelerians know what you are talking about & appreciate the significance. LOL