Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year (again)

So far our new year is not much different that the last. We did have Back-Eyed Peas for dinner, this year's variety was with caramelized onions, carrots, and sun-dried tomatoes. I don't always cook them the same each year, but we always have them with cornbread!
Hubband continues to have a bad cold/sinus thing, despite the antibiotics he got on Monday. In addition to his head being stuffed up, his ear is very clogged and it keeps making him very dizzy. They are supposed to leave on Sunday morning for China and then on to Lhasa, Tibet, via the "Sky Train". Well, he is only doing this if he gets the ear/head fixed. a fourteen hour plane trip and then a 16,700 foot elevation train doesn't seem like a good idea in his current condition. DTE is also hoping he gets better as it is his friend they were going to visit after all. We can't really transfer his visa to someone else after all!
All of this means that he hasn't participated in the "Annual Winter Camp Out" with DTY. She slept outside again last night, it was -1°F when she headed out for the night and it was -4°F when I got up at 8:30. They had been predicting it could be as low as -10°F last night. She says she stayed nice and toasty warm and I think it was up to +1°F when she came in.

Oribel is teething. DTY had found a tooth sometime last week and then we found another one yesterday in her fur. Plus she was able to feel a loose one in Oribel's mouth. Today she was fussing with her mouth a lot and then we saw another one on the floor. Baby cat teeth are pretty tiny (standard small paperclip for scale).

Not much else going on around here but I think there will be some bubble blowing a little later today. If the pictures turn out, you can be assured that they will be here!

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