Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kittens in the snow and annual winter happenings

Miss Oribel keeps telling us that she wants to go out in the snow again. So we decided to indulge her a bit yesterday . I don't think the girls or I ever expected that she would want to stay out there as long as she did. She can out last three of us on keeping track of her outside as well as fetch.

It would seem that Oribel really thought the Luminaries needed a very close personal inspection.

I think she might have been checking to see if anything had gone under the bench while she was up on it. She spent a fair amount of time under this bench in the corner watching the birds and hoping to catch one. She almost made it when one little bird hopped pretty close before noticing that there was a cat on the deck.
It might have looked like she had come over to come back in the house, but she hadn't. As near as I could figure she was just checking in at home-base. Whenever we thought she wanted in and would open the door, off she would go again to explore more stuff and see if there were any more birds to be had.

Apparently Oribel likes the view from the rocking chair as much as I do.

Still checking out everything she can. She obviously really didn't care about all the snow that kept falling and covering her all over.

We finally had to make her come back in because she kept shivering. I think she decided to take her frustration of being inside out on the bear that lives on the stairs.

This the crazy girl trying to get back out outside into the snow. She kept going nuts trying to scratch her way through the door.

Yesterday was determined to be the first night of the "Annual Winter Camp Out." The tent was set up and DTY slept out last night. It wasn't very cold, only around 17 above zero: some years this has been done when it is around zero or below when this happens. Normally both DTY and Hubband do the "Winter Camp Out," but Hubband seems to be coming down with a cold. Since he is headed overseas the first week of January, he decided to stay in and is hoping he will be better tonight to participate in this craziness activity.


Cass said...

Great shots of Oribel!
And CRAZY people sleeping out in that cold! CRAZY I tell you!!

momlee said...

Does anyone besides me see that Oribel obviously belongs in this family with "winter camp out" folks? She found her true home. Probably not an accident.
And maybe she knows how pretty she looks in the snow?

bruce said...

the cat is obviously right where it belongs.. is it part lynx or something? and sleeping out in the snow at 17degrees by choice? egads...

Bubblesknits said...

*shiver* I'll take my nice warm bed over a cold tent any day. LOL Although, I have to admit it sounds like fun.

Those are wonderful pics of Oribel! Our cats love going out on our back porch now that it's screened in.