Saturday, January 5, 2008

Latest updates

The laundry has been supervised and washed, store runs are all completed, Oribel has helped with the packing, the dogs have figured out something is up, the Mp3 players are loaded to the gills, all the needed information is printed, and whatever else they needed to do except for the actual drive to the airport and plane boarding. Of course, that part doesn't happen until tomorrow morning, but other than that they are ready to go! They seem to be pretty excited and happy, to say the least!

I have been so busy helping them get ready to go that I haven't gotten the mystery solution posted for Jessi yet, but it will happen either on Sunday or Monday, I promise! I know she is dying of curiosity and has been for a couple of weeks now. This is a mystery that I don't know the answer to and she has volunteered to help me with it. She just can't help until I do my part.

The last thing for now is to mention that Anne and Holly are hosting the newest seasonal dish cloth swap. "Defeat the Winter Doldrums" registration opens January 11 and they have a pre-registration contest going on. If any of you out there have thought about joining a swap but have worried about it not going well, I promise they run an excellent swap. If you decide to join on my recommendation and it goes south for you, I will make it up for you. Kind of like those rare times when the "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me", Not My Job guest offers to do the answering machine message when they loose and the person they are playing for doesn't get Carl Kasell's voice on their answering machine. (The loosing part isn't rare, just the offering to do message to make up for it.) "Wait, Wait" is my standing 2 PM Sunday afternoon date. I don't take phone calls between two and three or go anywhere unless it is an absolute emergency. No cooking is involved in that hour either. Just radio, a comfy couch, and knitting. And a lot of laughing. Seriously, if you have never heard this radio show, check out a pod cast on your computer (since you have one or wouldn't be reading this, but you don't need an iPod or any poddy thing at all), or check your local NPR station and listen to the broadcast. Just please don't call me during my broadcast time to tell me how much you loved it. Call me before or after 'cause I take some of my addictions seriously. Like knitting dish cloths. So anyway, check out the dish cloth swap. Can you really go wrong if you have a promised back-up?


Judy said...

Hey, I wonder if we'll cross paths at the airport? I'm flying out this morning, too. I'm thinking of joinin g the swap (ok, I'll sign up for it).

Enjoy Wait Wait for me (I make a point of listening to it, as well). I'll either be on a plane or waiting for a plane when it's on. I guess I can listen to the Podcast version later, but...

momlee said...

"Wait, Wait" is 11:00 Saturdays here (right after the Car Guys), and is essential listening for me, too. But even better is attending in person - it came to SLC last year. Definitely worth a visit if it comes anywhere near you.
"Says You" is also good - here on another NPR station, Sat afternoon.

Jayhawk said...

Oribel has considerably more courage than Molly. When the printer starts humming Molly goes into a state of high alert. As soon as paper starts coming out she panics and flees into the closet and cowers on an upper shelf, which is her reaction to encountering pretty much anything that is unknown.