Sunday, January 6, 2008

And They Are.... Update

In Chicago. After several delayed and canceled flights, along with three trips back and forth to the airport from our house (about a thirty to thirty-five minute drive to the south on a clear day), they have made it to the place they need to be to catch the plane to Shanghai in the morning. Fortunately they were able to get spots on tomorrow's plane. They had planned a day to look around there before they were going on to Beijing to meet up with our friends there. So things are looking up. That is, if you ignore the missing a day in Shanghai and the difference in seats booked far enough in advance instead of the day before. At this point, I am going with "seats are seats."
I think I will keep an eye on the weather and flights next week starting early in the day, in case we decide DTY needs to try to get on an earlier flight to make sure she gets back to school in time. Of course, I also have the option of driving her to the airport she needs for her connection. It is only an hour and a half north of us. Oh, and the drive back home. Yeah, probably about the same as we spent all told on the road to the airport today. Too bad we didn't have that option today.


Cass said...

What an adventure!!!
You don't sound nervous at all- I'd be a wreck!
Can't wait to hear about their adventures-

Bubblesknits said...

Huh...blogger ate my first comment apparently. Grrrr...

Anyhow, I'm glad they got to go! I can't wait to see the pictures from their trip.