Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I knit a lot of dish cloths

Seriously, I knit a lot more of them than I actually mention here. I make them and then they tend to get given away, rarely with their picture taken. I make them out standard stuff like Sugar 'N Cream, inexpensive and great colors. I use a few other yarns on occasion, but that is what is readily available. I don't generally call them dish rags, that would be what they turn into after they are well used and rather tattered. Operative word would be "rag" here. Hubbband has been known to call me a "Dish cloth machine" but he likes to give them away too.)
I also knit what I suppose could be called a face or wash cloth. I differentiate that from a dish one on how soft the yarn is. Sugar 'N Cream is OK for faces, but Cottontots is super soft. It is lacking a little in the great color variety department, but softness makes up for it. I will be mixing these into my "mindless dishcloth knitting" a bit more for a outreach ministry started by Patty. She is calling it Posies and Lemon Drops. It is an ongoing quest for super-soft knitted or crocheted face cloths for a women's shelter. I am really excited to have another place to share my knitting in a way that will make a big difference in some one's life. Check out the link and please think about making a face cloth or two as well.
The other "big" thing that I keep thinking about regarding dish cloths, "Why can't I find US #6 circular bamboo needles?" I have looked at every store here in town that carries knitting needles as well as several in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth and no one has them! #6 straights in bamboo, got those; #6 metal circular, they have those. I am not looking for something that complicated, I know they are made, just no one here has a spot on their racks for them. I never dreamed I would have this much trouble finding such a common knitting needle.


momlee said...

I found (and bought) size 6 Clover bamboo "flex" needles - like cable, but the cable is split with knobs on the ends. They are labled as 20". Haven't tried them yet - I'll let you know.
I'll send some face cloths on to Posies and Lemon Drops, as I also seem to do a lot of dishcloths. A really good idea!!

Anonymous said...

What length are you looking for? I think I've seen some, but I think they were 16". Anyhow, that's something that might end up in your dishcloth package. :-) Along with some catnip and doggy treats.

Anonymous said...

I have a spare pair you can have. 16" size 6 circulars by Plymouth,. Let me know and I can bring them tonight.

Laura said...

I have a LONG size 6 bamboo circular and never use it any more if you want it.