Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stuff we have been known to do in stores

My daughters and I have been known to do random and weird things in stores while shopping, like play "Who can find the ugliest shoe?" (In case you haven't noticed, there are some really ugly shoes out there, more in the women's department, but for men too. BTW, I have nothing to do with Hubband's shoe purchases. Well, not since I requested he have a new pair of cowboy boots for our wedding.) It is fun and entertaining for us, but we get really weird looks from other people in the store, especially the people that work there. We also have a tendency to smell shampoo and soap and have discussions about them. Stuff like, "This shampoo definitely smells like flowers and then you would have bees around your head."
"Well, it smells like coconut all right. Ewww!"
"The cucumber and melon is alright. Do you want to smell it?"
"Hmmm, I wonder what this one smells like?" Daughter, looking at the label, "The promised land, of course!"
Guess what went home with us? And I wasn't even planning on buying soap that day.

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