Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Oribel really wants to do


Last week our deck looked like this right outside the door. Tracks, along with all the cute little birds that left them, but they kept leaving when I tried to take their picture. Oribel spent a long time watching them through the glass and finally DTY took pity and let her out.

After spending some time under the bench and then the chair to let the birds come back, she started her slow stalking process towards the bird feeder. She is very good at taking one step and then stopping to see if the birds noticed her presence.

All of this stalking took her fifteen minutes or more. She has learned to take her time and hold her tail still.


Around this time she realized she wasn't really going to be able to jump up as high as the feeder.

This was a somewhat disappointed cat after the birds finally noticed that they were being watched from below.

From there she went back under the chair to see if a bird would come close enough to get. I decided not to find out because it drives me crazy to be inside watching the kitten shivering out in the cold. Of course as soon as we had her in the house to warm up, she was scratching the door to go back out. "Heat! We don't need no stinkin' heat!" Apparently we need to catch a bird more than to be warm. (NOT!)


momlee said...

You have a super-stalker, with a beautiful tail, even when it is being kept very still. She really is a beauty, and very entertaining!! Thanks for sharing her antics!

Bubblesknits said...

I love the irritated look on her face in the last picture. LOL