Friday, January 25, 2008

We have a strange kitten

Oribel loves to be inside of stuff. She has a box in the kitchen she is in and out of on a regular basis. Upstairs she has this laundry basket. She is a seriously happy kitten when she gets to be underneath it.

If someone comes over and lifts it up to see if she wants out, she'll look at you like you're nuts. Then she'll reach up and grab you hand to have you put it back down so she is all cozy inside. She often naps in there.

She also finds stuff to play with and pulls it in there with her (not that we can always see what it is). Once "they are in" she baps them around in her little cave. She also is happy to have visible toys like pieces of paper or yarn in there too.

Of course she also loves to see if Sadie wants to play with her too. Not unlike Bag, once she has Sadie's attention. Oribel has perfected the fine art of driving a laundry basket all over the landing and taking it to the edge of the stairs when she want to get out. Of course, then it is there when she is ready to get back in.

The two of them seem pretty happy to just hang out too.

A lot kitten time can kind of wear Sadie out and make her sleepy. (Though she does kind of look like she is having a good old belly laugh!)


Anonymous said...

She's driving her own little armored tank! LOL

Dishcloth Pal

bruce said...

well, cats like enclosed spaces.. and she seems an uber-kitty :)

Mr. A said...

I have yet to see your blog on a regular basis cuz of dad and the fact that I don't use the computer often. Ypur cat has a nice color.

p.s. Check my wiki and e- mail me w/ response

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oh my gosh! That is so cute!

Knitting Mama said...

Your cat is too cute indeed! I love the picture of the dog sitting so nonshalantly next to the basket!

Teresa said...

What an amazing cat. She can drive. Too funny.