Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How I am not alone, even with everyone gone

My dear friend (and other mom since I was about seven), who still lives where I grew up, has a daughter that lives to the north of us in the Twin Cities area. My friend is visiting her daughter for a few weeks and I got to have her down here for a couple of days. So Monday I went north to pick her up. My friend had decided she wanted to make Hubband and I a quilt for our bed and Hubband said he would leave the whole thing up to me to decide on colors, pattern, etc. (Apparently he really trusts my judgement.) So after we got back home and let the dogs out and back in, we went fabric shopping and hit three quilt shops in two days. We actually went to one the first day, the other two the second, and then back to the first one after determining the second and third shops didn't have what I wanted. We had found stuff that I really liked at the first shop and after thinking it over, I liked it even more the second day. I present the fabric for our quilt.
This is part of the main feature fabric that will be used in various combinations of motifs and sizes of sections.

This is it with most of the accent fabrics laid out with it. (I realize it isn't a very good picture, but it will get bigger if you want.)

This is the backing fabric (please ignore the piece of red lint). It is hard to describe what the quilt will look like as it will be kind of a "design as it is made" deal. It will however be very cool when it is done and a lot of fun for my friend to play with as she is designing and making it. It might be a year or two until it is finished, since she has a couple of other quilts to make for some of her grandchildren as well, but we are willing to wait. She did tell me it could get done sooner if I come out to visit my dad and help her sew it together.
I took her back to her daughter's house Tuesday night, so I am officially without other humans until Friday night. Somehow between two dogs and a kitten I don't really feel alone at all.


Bubblesknits said...

That's really sweet of your friend to offer to make that for you!

bruce said...

She made Donna and I a quilt and it is very nice. I will send you pics (WIGTI)