Monday, November 5, 2007

The best I can do

Well, that maybe a bit of a misstatement, but it is the best I could do at the moment for those of you wanting more pictures of Oribel. The fact that I got any of the following pictures is pretty remarkable! Not so many full pictures of her, but Sadie is pretty darn cute too. Plus you might get a better feeling for "Bag." Not much else to say, except this is picture heavy. Hope you enjoy it!







I am pretty sure they will all enlarge if you click on them.


Nichole said...

OMG - how adorable!
Can you let me know if you sell your coffee yarn? I found your blog thru the winter wonderland swap!

Suzanne B said...

What is it about cats and bags?? Mine do the exact same thing.

Judy said...

I want to come and play BAG with your kitty! How fun is THAT!

(my cat is too 1)lazy 2)er...challenged to enjoy playing in a bag.)

Bobbi said...

how cute!

Celena said...

awww ... cute! i have a beagle-basset that looks very similar.

Jayhawk said...

Bags freak Molly out. She looks inside and sees something that makes her go airborne and sends her at rocket speed into another room. Damifino what it is, as it appear to be visible only in feline light.

TeaMouse said...

That is to cute! I wished my Oliver and my cat Ginger would play but she's an ol' girl and she's not interested in getting to know Oliver.

Bubblesknits said...

That's precious! They seem to be getting along well. :-) My cats are all lazy stinks, but every now and then, they'll chase each other around.

bruce said...

cute cat dog playing.. how is Simon with Oribel? I remember kittens & dogs playing like this when we were younger.