Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snow and Water Cat

Because I have had a couple of family members ask for more pictures of Oribel in general and in particular in the snow, this is a bunch of pictures of said cute subject matter. (I did kind of start this blog to share pictures with the far away family folks after all. Not their fault it has fallen more into the realm of random knitting stuff and swaps. Poor people.)

She really seems to love going out in the snow to play.


I am really beginning to think that her fascination with running water could be a problem.


momlee said...

This far away family folk says thank you - (most of us are silly about any cats, especially "family" ones) for the pics of Oribel and general news of your family. Happens I also enjoy the knitting stuff, too.
Looks like the fascination with water MAY just get herself in trouble. Have fun.

Cass said...

SQUEAL she's so durn CUTE!!! Oribel- the name totally suits her.

Suzanne B said...

OOOh, watch out for the cat in the laundry room. We go through more dryer vent hoses than anyone should. They get behind the dryer and then jumping to get out they somehow manage to shred the vent hose.

But Miss Oribel is way too cute to do anything like that! :)