Thursday, May 22, 2008

An amazing second Spring Fling Coffee Box

showed up on my doorstep today! Gaylen sent me a wrap-up/reveal box and it was loaded with a lot of fun goodies; some just for me and some to share!

Someone got a bit impatient for hers, stole it out of the box, and off it went to do battle. (I am not sure that the cow had been intended for Orebel, but she claimed it right away!)
I did get it back long enough to get it in the picture with the stuff she sent for the dogs. Boy does she know what to get them! She should though; she has two basset hounds and a set of bloodhound twins! (The red ball with legs makes a loud noise when squeezed, and I think Simon will enjoy figuring out how to run it.)
There are yummy food treats that could be consumed while knitting

or drinking yummy coffee,

or partaking of the new reading materials she sent; which is loaded with fun things to solve

and inspire.

She made a set of knitting note cards and sent some knitting accessories.

I never seem to be able to find a tape measure, so having ones on carabiners to hang on my bag will be great! The stitch markers and basset key chain will also come in handy.

She also sent some really wonderful yarn! Hacho, which I haven't seen before but am really excited to learn about. I am so looking forward to knitting with it, it feels wonderful and the colors are beautiful!
In addition to all of this, and the box she sent in April, she also sent some Panda Cotton! I feel overwhelmed at her incredible gifts to me! Thank you Gaylen, so much for everything!


gaylen said...

You are very welcome. I was at loss on the handmade item, I'm glad you like the cards and very glad that Oribel liked the cow! g

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! What a great box!