Friday, May 30, 2008

How much help do I really need?

I have an indoor table-top water fountain that I made years ago (about the same time I made the first pyramid). It has needed a new pump for awhile and I finally got one and went to set it up today. I got a lot more help that I really thought I needed.

(Yes, she has a napkin on her back, we were using it to clean up some of the water she had thrown around and that's where it landed.)


This is what it looks like finally all put together, still getting help with the cord.

I am sure it will have its own rug by morning.


Judy said...

LOL....Oribel thinks it's a kitty fountain for her! No bets on how long it will be before the fountain needs its own coaster, though.

Bubblesknits said...

Maybe she thinks you got her a fancy drinking fountain? LOL

Jayhawk said...

Nice fountain/playground.

Kathy has a similar one in her room, store-bought and not as nice, but it makes a nice noise. Fuzzybuns (rip) drank from nothing else, seemed to think that the water in his bowl was "dead" or something. (He would drink from a faucet if we left it running.)

Molly is somewhat less adventurous and seems not to want to have to kill her water before drinking it.

Claudia said...

hee hee!!!!! My Little Miss Ruby Kitty loves to "help" as well. I usually have to clean up a LOT after her help sessions with me. But I'd be lost without her. :)

LOVE the photos. :)