Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A quick (late) thanks

Last Friday the UPS person left a box on my poarch, and this is what I found inside. It is listed as from someone named "John Doe" and the card inside (which I forgot to get into the photo)said it is from my "Secret Sewer." It is an instalment of my Spring Fling Coffee Swap box. There is more to come...
Thanks so much to my undisclosed pal and I am sorry it took me so long to get this up for you to know it got here safe and sound. Coffee and chocolates are already being consumed and both are yummy!

I do have pictures of knitting, flowers, and general stuff to show you all, but.... It is 65° and sunny outside! I have to go take advantage of it while it lasts, 'cause they are saying it is going to rain tomorrow. I promise they will be up soon!


Laura said...

If the wind dies down, I'm all about outside knitting tonight!!

momlee said...

That yarn looks kind yummy, too.
We had 81 degrees Monday, snow on Tuesday. But then, it's Utah.

fran said...

I almost sat outside yesterday and knitted on the porch. I changed my mind when I realized that first I needed to wash the porch seat, which the ducks have taken to standing on and covering with mud and poo. Even for the lovely late afternoon sun, that felt like much more work than I was interested in.
The chocolates and coffee looked amazing.

Jayhawk said...

"Secret Sewer"? As bad of a person as I am, and after a significant time in the Navy, I have been unable to come up with the proper snark for that. There must be something I could do connecting needle and thread with underground pipes, but perhaps it's too early in the day and I need another cup of coffee.

Your good fortune. I'll let sleeping dogs, and their frinds, lie.