Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random things from my trip to Idaho

This is my dad's cat; he is blind in one eye and his name is "Cat." My younger sister found him on the roadside in a snowstorm and figured our dad needed company at his house on a full time basis. (She was right.)

This is my sister's dog, Murphy. He is an absolute sweetheart and if I could have brought him home with me, I might have seriously considered it. (Not that my sister would part with him after all these years.)

My dad and younger sister the evening the three of us went out to dinner.

Now for several pictures of the Teton Mountain Range

A slightly different view

More Tetons (Please note that each of these are different links to information about the range and the area.)

The Grand

A couple of things from our drive into the park.


Bubblesknits said...

Those mountains are gorgeous!

We had a cat named "Miss Kitty" when I was a kid. :-)

bruce said...

Mountains are good. Snow is good. "Cat" is good for Dad. Murphy is a nice dog, and prob would also be good for Dad, but am sure Nina would not give him up so easily. And good to see Nina again.