Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some of what I have been up to

Sunday my dad and I decided to go on an adventure. We went to the Carnegie building of my youth, which now seems to be a TARDIS (it may not look like a Police Call Box, but it is seriously larger on the inside than it looks from the outside), and went back in time to see this. Unfortunately, because cameras didn't exist then, I can't show you any pictures of what all we saw. (You could click on the link to get more information though, if you so desire.)

We also went past the “new library” so I could take a picture of one of my favorite literary boys and his two dogs. I never got to meet Wilson Rawls myself, but Hubband has stories about school field trips to meet and hear him talk about his work. We sometimes worry about our Simon or Sadie missing the other one as much as Old Dan missed Little Ann did when the time comes. Our two have been together pretty much their whole lives just like those two had (since Simon was six months old and Sadie was about eight weeks). I guess only time will tell.

On the knitting front I have finished my Noro Scarf, have finished a gift project, made some progress on another gift project, made a dish cloth for my dear friend, and used my dad's washer to felt a gift I had finished knitting a while back.
Yesterday we went to visit the mountains, and today we went to visit the river of my youth (for the second time since I got here), but those reports/pictures will need to wait for another day!


Bubblesknits said...

What a cool exhibit!

That's one of my favorite books, too. Although, I only read it if I feel like having a good cry.

Jayhawk said...

The "river of your youth" would be the Snake? Ask your Dad about our driving challenge vis-a-vis the Teton Pass and Snake River routes from Iffals to Teton Park. That was back when I had the Mustang Mach 1 (and less good sense than I have now).