Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the dark of the night

this moved into our driveway. I am sure it is giving my neighbors fits of curiosity, but I am also pretty sure they are much to polite Mid-Westerners to ask. (Have you ever felt that phrase is a misnomer, as I have? I live in neither the mid or the west, and certainly not the Mid-West. I digress, once again.) It "belongs" to my friend Shivery Knits and her husband. They have a bit of lag time between closing on their "old" and "new" house. Our driveway/neighborhood is a great place to put a truck for a few days for safe keeping. It did require a tiny bit of rearranging the driveway, but we are more than happy to help out. They aren't moving too far in the big picture of things. I will also have a good reason to go on a road trip to visit when she isn't busy studying.
Apparently the phrase "Build it and they will come" can be paraphrased to "Fill it and they will come." I hadn't seen any
Orioles around yet, though I knew they should have been here. The other day I filled their bowl with some grape jelly and within a couple of hours we had several.
I am now off to meet a late train (knitting in tow, of course!).


Bubblesknits said...

LOL I bet they're just itching to come over and ask. :-) Such pretty birds, too! I need to get a book on what wild birds are in Alabama. I've gotten curious as to what I'm actually seeing on the birdfeeder.

Denise said...

Orioles eat grape jelly? So do you live in MD? I used to live near Baltimore for 6 yrs, and went to see the Orioles play a few times ;)