Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More random reports on my trip west

I spent a little bit of time in Salt Lake City after I left Idaho Falls before flying home. This is a view of part of the Wasatch Mountain Range, taken at 1300 East and I-80. (I was facing SE, for those not familiar with the area.)

While there, we (my mom and I) saw several different spots, including the primary parking lot I utilized for some of my years in college. I figured you didn't really need to see the parking part, but this does identify which one it is. Not that it was called anything but Rice Stadiumwhen I was there.
Apparently this is another name for it, though that was a much bigger deal a few years ago (after we moved away).

It is also used for Real Football now, in addition to American football. (Which a lot of you know by now I never watched when I was in school; American football that is. I have been watching soccer since my kids were little.)
We did other random stuff like stopping into a couple of yarn stores, but I don't actually have pictures of that stuff at this point. I'll work on those soon, as well as a few other random bits from the trip.
I will leave you with these highway bridge construction pictures from the site we stopped to view. They are building the brides and then putting them in place. There is some information about it here and here. These are interesting if you like information about amazing feats of engineering. Well, plus the second one has links to Olympus Hills Park, which is the park we lived very close to for years. A really great park for kids, dog walking, soccer stuff, and general hiking around as a lot of it is still pretty wild. It also seems to be great for extreme snowboarding.
Presenting: Baby and Toddler bridges at their nursery.


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