Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sort of catching up

So I am sure you have noticed that I have been a negligent blogger. I promise you pictures soon, and then it days until I deliver. Trust me, blogging isn't the only thing I am behind on. I have also promised people emails and they are still waiting for those. (Unfortunately they might still have to wait for another couple of days; hopefully they won't write me off as a lost cause, leave, and never talk to me again. If they did, I might have to dig up some frozen worms to eat. Hi Cass!) I am also a bit behind on some house cleaning. Not that that is really anything new, but we are having our carpets cleaned this week, so I have been working like crazy to get ready for that. Plus my normal life stuff (which doesn't usually involve house cleaning). Anyhow, this is my finished Koolhaas hat. It is much better looking in person and I should have re-taken the picture so you would have a better one to look at, but that might have meant you would have to wait several more days. (Guess what? Hubband just asked me if I was updating my blog. I told him I was and he said it was a good thing as it was getting boring since it hadn't changed in days. So I will just remind myself that bad pictures are better than no pictures.) My hat is very warm and toasty, which is an important thing, since we have been having sub-zero air temperatures with -35°F or lower wind chill for days now.

This is a view of our refrigerator. We have "fractured sayings" refrigerator magnets, which have been a great source of amusement for many people over the years. Hubband used to have these on the file cabinet in his office and folks had a lot of fun with them there. When he started working at home, they took up residence on the fridge. Both of the girls wish that these were still available for their domiciles.(Please ignore the dirty refrigerator; that is some of the house cleaning I didn't do.)

The magnets seem to still be a source of great amusement, but I wish she would quit carrying them off and leaving them about the house. In addition to magnets and coasters, Oribel has a great love of bubble-wrap. She has a couple of pieces that she hauls around with her when the mood strikes her. She stores them either in her bathroom, carefully pulling them through the hole in the gate or pushing them under it, or under the defunct dishwasher, again very carefully pushing it under there when she isn't using it. As near as we can figure, the bubble wrap is being kept safe from the dogs. Not that I have ever noticed the dogs paying any attention to it when she has it out and about. Yesterday she was down in the basement and hauled something up and now she isn't allowed down there anymore. Hubband and I haven't been able to figure out where she found the piece of fiberglass insulation to play with, but we don't think it is a very good toy. She can just stick to chewing on bubble wrap.
I also caught her up on the fireplace mantle again. When I spoke to her about this problem, she let me know that she has been taking lessons from Sadie and showed me her belly. Then she rolled over again and promptly fell off. It seems that she has grown a bit more than she realized. Fortunately she didn't take anything with her that time.
I still owe Suzanne B a blog post but unfortunately it is going to have to wait one or two more days. I still have yarn and stuff to take care of in my corner of the family room assorted areas of the house for the carpet cleaning people.


Judy said...

Oh yay! An update. I was missing hearing from you and, of course, hearing about the latest exploits of your favorite little redhead (redbody, redtail), Oribel. Brightens my morning here in my boring hotel room in Orlando! I'll be missing knitting tonight (duh!) so please go talk about me. :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE your Shedir! Great color. And OMG that shot of Oribel making magnet poetry is PRICELESS! I love it!!!
big big hugs

Anonymous said...

UGH I've got Shedir on the brain. I knew that was a Kookhaas hat! (duh)

Laura said...

Hey... my mom has those same magnets. So much fun.

Glad to hear someone else doesn't bother with the house cleaning normally, too!

Knitting Mama said...

Love the hat - looks great, and love the color! Way to go!

I love those magnets, too bad I have so much already on my fridge...!

Anonymous said...

The hat is gorgeous!

Don't feel bad, I've been a bad swap pal. I've been meaning to email you for a week! LOL I do have your package ready to mail out, though! Tomorrow in fact. :-)

Your Wacky Dishcloth Pal