Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A busy and I was spoiled Saturday

Saturday three of us went on the road trip to get our Yarn Harlot tickets as planned. Yarn was purchased too; I had no idea that Malabrigo made a merino silk blend!
Fortunately, R2D2 was more than willing to pose for us while hanging out at his corner near The Yarnery on our way to lunch. Apparently there is one available for home use. (Hopefully those of you that needed a Valentine box were happy with what you had, but you can always keep this in mind for next year.)
We did stop in at Ikea and got the cabinets I needed, but we decided to skip the knitting event at the MOA.

When I got home after dropping the others off, I found a box on my porch. I was pretty sure it was going to be my Defeat The Winter Doldrums Dishcloth box, and it was. The very cool thing was that it was from Jessi! She did an excellent job of not letting me know she was my secret spoiler during our regular email exchanges, so I was totally surprised upon discovery of who my spoiler was!

Sadie really wanted to help take this picture "our" presents.

Simon and Sadie both love their "Munchy Sticks" and Oribel adores her catnip critter. So much so, that she ripped out the seam and I had to sew it back together.

Jessi also sent great stuff for me, and Hubband. Chocolates, coffee, cookies, Bert's Bees stuff, notepads, Fiesta Boomerang Malibu, P&C Desert Sunset, and she made me stitch markers!

Of course there was a dishcloth and special soap, plus she sent me the needles I had been looking for! She also sent a gift certificate to Harvest Moon dishcloth designs!

I (and everyone in my household) have been totally spoiled by her!

Hubband and I finished the evening of with putting one of the cabinets together, with a certain amount of help.
She seems to like being inside it, until she realizes the door is closed and she can't leave. Of course, as soon as we open the door and Oribel could leave, she is very content to be in there.


Bubblesknits said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! :-) I was so happy that I got you as my pal.

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Thanks for the star wars mailbox link. My son asked me to print one off for him to make.

By the way, love that cool coffee bean wallpaper on your blog!