Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late post and snow stories

Suzanne tagged me some time ago for the "You make My Day" Award. I will admit to being a bit surprised, but will say a big "Thanks!" Since I am so late in posting about it, I might wind up tagging someone who has already been hit, so am going to skip that part. If are reading this and want to play, leave me a note and post on your blog about who makes your day!
Today started out just fine and wonderful. It involved baking cookies for a couple of packages I am mailing to college students tomorrow. I also made granola yesterday for one of the boxes. (The other box isn't too crazy about granola, but will be getting other yummy things.) Then I worked on an overdue post, but saved it for later while I took Hubband out to the airport. Of course since I was already out and way past the other side of town I ran a few errands on my way home. Unfortunately when I got home, the very thing I have been a bit worried about happened. My car got stuck in the snow in our driveway. We have had a fair amount of snow, the wind has blown a fair amount more onto the drive, and we haven't really shoveled it much this year. Normally this isn't a problem for my car, but the carpet cleaners got stuck last week and we had to push them out, so that chewed up the snow quite a bit. Then a friend almost got stuck as he slid around on Sunday, so that chewed some more up. (The propane delivery truck had no trouble yesterday, but I am sure that all that weight was the saving factor.) Well, thank goodness for very kind neighbors and their tractor to pull me out of the drift I had managed to slide on/into and get very stuck. He also scooped off a bucket load of snow on his way out of the drive. If the snow we are getting tonight doesn't cover it up, maybe you'll get a picture of it tomorrow.
Oh, have I ever mentioned that we have a steep slope from the road down to our garage? That doesn't always help either. I'll leave you with a picture of our driveway last spring, without any snow. Not at all what it looks like now and not the best view of the slope, but it is green!

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Bubblesknits said...

The whole time I was reading about your snow troubles, I was looking at the picture of your house and thinking, "What snow? I don't see any snow."

I guess it would help if I read the *whole* story, huh? lol