Friday, February 22, 2008

Gifts Revealed

The last package that I had sent with some gift knitting in it has been received, so I am going to let the rest of you see what has been on and off my needles lately. (For those of you that wish to see that is, I'm sure you know how to not look if you don't want to. If you don't, I am thinking that would be your problem to work on, not mine.)

I made a pair of Fetchings for my mom. She likes them and said they will be nice for when her hands get cold in the house. (Which is good, 'cause that was kind of the effect I was going for!)

I know Sharon has been busy lately and hasn't had time to post about her Defeat the Winter Doldrums box even though she and her family are enjoying everything. I will show you the knitting I sent her, especially since some of you reading this probably don't read very many knitting blogs. First off she got a football dishcloth in Eagles Green,

and she also got a variegated blue and white one, which I made out of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. I had never used it before but you can be sure that I will be again!

I had decided to participate in the WhoDuKnit January Mystery Knit-A-Long. We were given clues, starting with “grab some worsted weight yarn from your stash” and then the knitting instructions were doled out in pieces over a couple of weeks. This is what I had when I was done and you can read more about it here if you want. So those are the knitted items that I sent in the DWD box to Sharon.

(#1) I believe that is it on gift knitting, but I will toss out some pictures of my first three hats; number four and number five are on the needles. Number four is this hat this hat in the same red yarn as #1. Number five is the same as #3, except that the spiral is going the other way. (#2 and #3 are the same yarn, but #3 without the flas is closer to the real color.)



In the rest of life, a friend is coming over with his snow blower to clean off our driveway. I asked him what I could do to repay the favor and he assured me that I didn't need to. It seems that he just wants an excuse to play with his small tank blower and since his drive is done, ours gets to be a Saturday playground. So of course I made him bread. His wife was trying to convince me it wasn't necessary, but I explained that I just needed to bake and didn't really need bread quite yet, so it worked out really well for all parties concerned. I am kind of glad he is coming over, since we are supposed to get somewhere in the neighborhood of four to six inches of snow on Monday.


Bubblesknits said...

You've been a busy bee! all of those look great! Is that Whodunit group fun?

momlee said...

Yes, I REALLY like the Fletchings! AND, they are my favorite color. (One of my most favorites)

Jane Doe Jenn said...

I'm so glad I discovered your blog (through Defeat the Winter Doldrums). It's always interesting to read, and I love the photos of your knitted work! I'm just a beginner, but I find them very inspiring! Those hats look wonderful!

That WhoDuKnit sounds interesting, too.

Hanbook said...


The fetchings are Excellent!

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