Monday, February 4, 2008

Charity knitting and Update

I am sure that those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that I enjoy knitting (baking, and other stuff) for other people. I recently learned of the Seaman's Church Institute through the Via Media group on Ravelry and have decided to do this project for the upcoming season. (Well, there is a chance I won't stop when Lent is over, but you get the idea.)

Knit 4 Lent
4,000 Hats in 40 Days
You are invited to knit as part of your Lenten Discipline.

Seamen’s Church Institute is asking for hand-knit or crocheted hats for mariners serving along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hats will be given as Christmas gifts, along with personal items.
Spread the word to your knitting and crocheting friends!
Finished items should be sent to:
The Seamen’s Church Institute
241 Water Street
NY, NY 10038
Attn: Jeanette DeVita
For pattern suggestions:
Seaman's Blog
For home page
Seaman's Church Institute

I will also continue with my regular stuff, but I figure if I only work on charity knitting projects while at meetings, pot-luck/movie discussions, and Kitting In Public, I should be able to get a lot done. It will probably mean I will be scheduling my time for home knitting a bit better too. ( I also figure I will be able to use up at least some of my stash doing this project.)

Updated information on Knit 4 Lent: 4,000 Hats in 40 Days

I have noticed several questions/responses on the K4L Group on Ravelry and thought I would address a few of them here in case anyone was interested in more information.
The new director of the hats project has posted all of this information/changes on the Ravelry group.

"What about colors/type of yarn?"
Any color that is suitable for both men and women is fine, as well as variegated or stripes in hats. Some mariners prefer bright and cheerful, while others prefer dark.
We can use either acrylic or wool. Or a mixture. I just ask that if your item is not machine washable, please attach a note."
(Otherwise known as, "Knit what you want, all hats are appreciated.")

"Should a note be included with the hat when it is mailed into the Institute?"
It’s really up to you. I like keeping records and knowing how many knitting friends we have, but some folks prefer to remain anonymous. Those who include their contact information will (hopefully!) receive a letter. It is fun to know. I have a map, in my office, with little pushpins representing our knitters.
Some knitters include a note to go to the mariner. Every once in awhile they receive a thank you note.

Hat pattern links
Lucky Seven Hat
School Beans Hat
Basket-Weave Hat
Easy Roll-Brim Hat
Seaman's prayer link


devittles said...

You're a very generous knitter. Thanks for the link, Barbara!

ps let's hear it for knitting up the stash

metyme said...

I had to laugh when I read "if I only knit at meetings..." trying to picture myself knitting at work in a meeting where the other 10 people are sitting around the conference table talking about 3-tier architecture and the need for redundant load balancing on our servers...and here's me knitting! Believe me - there have been a million times where I'd wished I COULD be knitting instead of just sitting there thinking and talking - hey, I'm female so obviously I can listen, talk AND knit all the same time!

I'll have to go look at those links now..