Monday, February 4, 2008

A little of this and that

I have been doing some knitting (in addition to the afore mentioned stuck hat), but a fair portion of it is more gift knitting. I will show it to you all after the recipients have received them. I have also been working on several feet of a three stitch wide garter stitch thing. It is definitely not very interesting yet, but will be after it is felted and sewn onto the purse it is for. Pictures of that later too.
The other night I made some delicious Orange and Ginger Chicken and served it with brown rice. Hubband and I both agreed it would also be really good made with tofu instead of chicken. I am not sure the purveyor of the recipe would agree; if I recall correctly he is not a big fan of tofu. That's alright, I still know I can fix tofu in a way that would convert him to the dark side.
Last week I decided to try filling the unused bird bath with corn to see if I could convince the turkeys to stay out in the yard. It worked until the other wildlife in the area finished it off. I am beginning to wonder if they would join the turkeys on the deck if we didn't have a gate.
This is the view from our back door today. We got almost 3" from nine to noon today and might get more snow this afternoon. Well, snow mixed with sleet/freezing drizzle. The falling snow kept Oribel entertained for quite awhile today. Of course, she did ask me several times to let her out to go play in it, but I wasn't very cooperative with her.
For all those asking about Catnip Bubbles, here is a picture of the bottle. Basically it is bubble solution with catnip oil added. I am pretty sure I found them at PetCo, though I did come up with several different brands when I did a Google search. I will do my best to get some pictures of her playing with them for you all. Unfortunately I missed getting any pictures of Sadie and Oribel sharing the pillow last night. Oribel was already on the pillow when Sadie decided to snuggle in next to her. It would have worked out fine except for when Oribel needed to stretch out and decided to kick Sadie out of her way. She didn't really kick Sadie much, mostly just pushed on her with her back feet. Sadie was only willing to move a little bit though.


Bubblesknits said...

It's amazing how much wildlife you have right in your backyard. :-) That's one thing I miss about where I used to live.

What you're describing with Oribel and Sadie is what one of my cats does to me when she's tired of me typing. LOL

Jayhawk said...

Orange and Ginger Tofu?
Don't you dare!

bruce said...

okay I'd like the catnip bubbles for the cat...