Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The pictures I promised and didn't deliver

So I had promised some updated pictures of DTE's hat and DTY's scarf, but failed to give them to you when I had planned to. Turns out that the antics of a Basset Hound and a kitten are very draining to a camera as well as humans, and it needed time to eat and rest up. I am hoping a day or two late is better than not at all.
The scarf is almost eight feet long now and is about three-fourths of the way done. Yeah, it isn't going quite as fast as I had hoped, but I am spending more time on it recently and so it is moving along. It will be going to weekly knitting a Dunn Brothers again tomorrow, so will get at least another forty-plus rows added to it.

I finished the hat while the camera was eating, so instead of a WIP, you get a FO picture. I am happier with how the fabric feels on this version, but apparently I have tension issues with two-handed knitting. (Well maybe it has to do with two slightly different sized yarns. One is worsted and one is Aran, but I am guessing it is me.) It pulls in and is smaller around in the two-color section, at least it did before I washed it and put it on The Head to block. I am hoping it will be better when it is dry, if not I will be seeking advice tomorrow at knit night. Fortunately I know a Blue Ribbon Knitter I can get help from.
Then I just have to see what DTE thinks. Maybe she will be happier with it than I am, but I will be more than happy to knit her another one. I am still not sure the "pulling in part" will fit her. Plus I am not really sure that the yarn was as contrasty as she was expecting. But it defiantly looks like a trout. Not enough left over to make mittens, but I do know where to buy more, be it for mittens or a hat.
On another note, for some time now Hubband and I had been suspecting that the two of us were having mice problems and it was confirmed the other day. So we went to the store to get something to fix the problem. So far it seems to be resolved. Apparently two tailless mice get into more conflicts with each other than one with a tail and one without.


Gnat said...

Your scarf is lovely. Good luck finishing the last third.

Mouse problems are tough to handle. ;) Need a trap. hehehe.

Laura said...

Hat looks good in the picture...
see you tonight!

TeaMouse said...

I love that scarf - it must have seemed like it was taking forever...is it all garter stitch?

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! The scarf looks great! Maybe I should send mine to you to finish. LOL