Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Everyone likes home cooked meals better

I usually make my own suet, but sometimes I run out and have to buy some. I have noticed that those don't disappear as fast as mine do. Last week I was able to do a side by side comparison. It has been a week and the birds still haven't finished even half of the store bought one, even though it has been moved to the suet cage. They have gone through a lot of bird seed after they had completely finished their "home cooked meal," about three hours after I put it out. (This was after about thirty to forty minutes. They started out as about the same size.)


Laura said...

Yours looks easier to eat. More chunks for easier purchase. However, the scientist in me wants to know, do they try both? Is it taste? Or does yours look better (more seedy?) or smell better?

Bubblesknits said...

How do you make it? Would it be something easy and fun for me and the kids to do?

Bobbi said...

hmmm, very cool! congrats to the chef :)