Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Note to self

Note to Self (and anyone else that might in the future have access to cupboards in the kitchen house), "Keep the cupboard doors closed at all times." Other note to self, "Cookbooks on top of the microwave don't block access to the counter, they just make it easier to get into the cupboard and look at all the pretty dishes. Oh, and Self, don't forget to wash the clean plates, bowls, etc. before you use them." Maybe I'll skip a step, just put the plates/bowls in the cupboard after dinner and then wash them when I want to use them. Uh, no, I'll just wash them twice now. Damn, my dry skin is going to love this.
Note to Hubband, "As you well know, it is a good thing she is so damn cute. It helps insure that she will still be alive when you get home from AMIA." I promise.


momlee said...

Don't worry too much about blocking her way to the dishes - pretty soon she will be big enough to jump directly to the counter. And don't count on there not being enough space for her to land - she'll manage to find space.
Does she remind you of any human kids you knew when they were "kitten" age?

Gizmo said...

Pssst...Oribel, I think you're in trouble. Want me to ask my human (Judy) if you can come stay here for a little while? I'll show you all the good napping places and if you're sneaky, you can even get up on the guest bed when nobody is watching. One thing though...stay outta my food dish or there will be blood.


Laurie said...

One of our cabinet doors was recently "updated" with a child lock. If you don't put the magnet on the outside of the door it won't open.

3 other sets of doors are closed with lovely blue velcro strips, wrapped around the knobs.

All of these allow Wes to bang away as he tries to pry the doors open but he can't get in there. Unless we forget to "secure the hatches".

You might try to put something like a flat cutting board right at the edge of the counter. She'll jump up and the board will fall, making a loud noise. It really won't stop her but it's good to think it might. :-)

Bubblesknits said...

I read the first sentence and I thought, "OH NO!" LOL

Hey Oribel, you better crank up the cuteness till your Dad gets home. ;-p

Maybe she needs to come for a visit in Bama. Just don't tell my hubby I said so. LOL

bruce said...

yeah... if there is a cat, there is a way... Oreo was 20 lbs, but just went in /around /up /over like it didn't make any difference.