Monday, November 12, 2007

Our weekend

Friday morning started out cold, but

with a little help from the furnace and a couple of pieces of bread, the dogs didn't seem to mind the cold at all.

Oribel had no cares about the temperature anywhere, she just wanted to explore every possible surface she could.


Saturday involved some great knitting time for me.
I took advantage of Oribel taking a long nap to get some sock knitting in. Giotto's cuff is a picot hem, which required knitting five rounds, knitting a round of yarn-over, knit two together (this makes an eyelet or hole without changing the actual stitch count), and then five more rounds of knitting. For the next round you then fold over the eyelet row and pick up the matching cast on stitch to the one you are working and knit them together. This produces a "sewn" style hem cuff. I have never done one of these before and was very excited about how it turned out. I was also glad that she took such a long nap so I could get it to a good stopping point.

Later on I did some more knitting that wouldn't be damaged if I had help. I can't really show you all much more than this, 'cause it might wind up being a gift, and I just never know who is reading this.

After dinner Hubband and I watched a movie and I got a lot more knitting in. This time I got just a tiny bit of help and then another long nap was had on my helper's part.

Sunday was not big on the napping or knitting. I think she is making up for yesterday in more ways than one. All morning seemed to be non-stop running all over the house, chasing things, carrying around her various treasures, hiding Hubband's belt under the bed, and who really knows what all else. Fortunately he found the one he wanted just before he and his suitcase had to dodge an attack kitten on the stairs.

I did a little bit of painting today, but it definitely is a gift and I do know who is reading this time!

Miss Orebel managed to keep herself busy by doing whatever stretching she needed to look into things she hasn't seen before. Who knew cats stood on their tippy-toes?
She has continued to work on ways to climb over the microwave, so we tried putting "ScratchNotTape on the counter areas around it where she was walking. That didn't work out very well in the long run. Her reaction to discovering it with the first step was to chew at the edges to pull it up. She actually got a little corner of one of three pieces up. Then she just realized that if she stepped on it a few times it wasn't very sticky anymore and she just started walking across it.


Judy said...

Those picturs of your little helper (and the dogs) are PRECIOUS! But what a little minx she is, getting into the cupboards like that! NOW I WANT A KITTEN (but Gizmo sez that's a VERY bad idea)

Bubblesknits said...

LOL She's a little stink, isn't she?!? But a cute little stink. ;-) It looks like you're enjoying your new help.

The picot edge on the sock does look great! I might have to try that one of these days.

Laurie said...

I'm hoping the dogs ate some "bread", instead of "bred" because if they bred you're gonna have more dogs! LOL! But everyone will be warmer.

Oribel is so stinking cute. Cherish those long naps. The photo of her on the laptop had me laughing because last week I had walked away from mine and turned around to see Wes, on the dining room table, SITTING ON MY LAPTOP KEYBOARD. Do you think he was expressing his displeasure for the attention the laptop gets? He's just lucky he didn't type something that deleted my hard drive. :-)

Lacey said...

what cute babies. I bet your little won is a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you've known that cats (and especially kittens) "stand on their tippy-toes" forever!
Lauie, of course he "was expressing his displeasure for the attention the laptop gets"--that is why cats sit on what ever you are trying to read, walk in front of the TV, sit in you lap when you have chores to do, and so on. Just hope he doesn't pee on your friend's jacket (as did my Judith, of fond memory, to my fiance's the first time she was over!)

bruce said...

of course, cats stretch.. especially curious ones (that's like, all of them), that that seems to happen a wee bit more in kittenhood. And yes, they will definately get into whatever you're doing. Or riding on your shoulder to save them walking underfoot and see better at the same time.

Sarah said...

LOL I've never seen a cat on it's tiptoes like that! Curious little one isn't she? :)