Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

Hubband's mother came out here from AZ for the week of Thanksgiving, and on Wednesday his brother and wife came from SLC. It was really great to have them here as well as DTE. We had a wonderful visit, watched a movie, played games and showed them about the area. Our SIL had lived here when she was very young while her father did some of his medical training here at The Clinic. Yep, that's its name around here. (Click on the link to see what the rest of the world knows it as.) So, anyway, we went to see the house she had lived in years ago and met the folks that live there now. It turns out they are the people that bought the house from her folks and they remembered her parents names and her dad's specialty! That was pretty cool! It was a great weekend all in all and everyone had a wonderful time.

DTE was very glad to have the chance to come home for the long weekend and meet the new kitten. She had a good time playing with Oribel, and Oribel seemed to have a great time attacking DTE's feet, hands, hair, etc. Hope DTY likes her as well when she comes home in two-and-a-half weeks. Oh yeah, she'll like her too.

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