Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boy, I hope midnight means my time zone

Since Anne is a well practiced hostess of many dish cloth swaps and is one of our co-hostesses for the WWCS, we have mini-contests each week about our relationship to coffee. The idea of this is so our secret spoilers can get to know us a little better and what we might like. (Hi unknown spoiler person!)
So this week is all about when we started drinking coffee, why, and when the real passion of/with coffee began. Without further delay, here is a little new information about me (and maybe a few family members). When I was a small child (less than sixth grade) I would occasionally taste my mom's coffee but I never thought it tasted very good (maybe in retrospect it was the sugar). I never tasted my dad's hot coffee because he was long gone to work each morning by the time I got up. (I believe he may have spirited coffee off to work in a thermos; I certainly heard stories about all the thermoses going through the security x-rays unsuccessfully.) However, I do remember his iced coffee on a hot summer Saturday afternoon. It was yummy and I loved watching the milk hit the coffee in the clear glass and the awesome swirlyness. That was yummy coffee, but not quite as good as my brother's ice tea. Lucky for me he was around every day to make it for me. Good thing he also taught me how.
I first really started drinking coffee around the time I was a senior in High School or so. I worked at a Denny's restaurant and it was always there and to be pretty OK coffee. It was at this time I learned that I do not really care for sugar in my coffee unless the coffee is ice cold and also has milk added to it. Part of the starting to drink it then was about the caffeine, but it was also a social thing in a lot of ways. Drinking coffee and hanging out with friends as well as with co-workers on the job. It was also the smell of coffee that I loved and always had since I was little. Plus there is nothing like a nice warm mug to wrap your hands around! But it was also definitely about the caffeine after I started college while working full time!
My true passion for coffee began in 1981, shortly after John opened The Salt Lake Roasting Co.. The smell of the coffee roasting was enough to make me salivate walking down the street, and the taste Morning Thunder was my first true coffee love! of I started drinking his coffee whenever I could (but obviously not at work),and have never bought the likes of Folgers for my kitchen cupboards. Small batch roasting truly makes a difference! Oh, and SLRC is a very cool place to hang out in Salt Lake City. Just ask my girls and they don't even drink coffee!


emmy said...

You have made me want to go to SLC just so I could have a cup of John's coffee. I think I have only had small roast once and I bought that at the NC State Fair so it may not have really been small roast. Off to look for a website.

Laurie said...

Sometimes you don't even need to drink it. Just open the bag and take a big whiff. HEAVEN!

I finally finished shopping for your gifts! Hope to get it in the mail by Tuesday. Have a great weekend.