Friday, June 19, 2009

Want to see what was in my mailbox today?

A while back I showed you the first apron in a series of aprons I have been making. That (pink and green) one was for a "Vintage Apron Swap" where the idea was to make (or buy) an apron from "vintage linens and/or pattern." The one I made was from an old tablecloth and some napkins that I had found at a consignment shop. Well, something happened to either the person that was making mine, or the package after it was mailed (which and what is unknown to me). All I know is that one day I had a message from the hostess that I had been assigned an "Apron Angel" and my package would be coming soon. Well, soon has turned into today, and I had a wonderful apron and matching hot pad from Solidia today. It is really wonderful and I love it! (Chan, you might want to look away. Why? Well, because it is, well, that color you don't like very well. It is an awesome apron though!)

She also sent a couple of recipes and one of them is for some cookies that remind her of ones her grandmother used to make, even though the recipe for those were lost when she passed away. I know how much I value family recipes and how hard it would be if a favorite was lost. I am so glad she was able to find this and then shared it with me.

I used it right away to unpack this week's CSA. This week we have Curly Endive, Arugula, fennel, French Breakfast Radishes, (the last week of) asparagus, and peppermint. It's a good thing they include some recipes every week; I have never had fennel before, either for cooking or to eat. I don't know if Hubband has, but unfortunately he will be missing out this week. I am sure there will be a chance to make it up to him latter.
I did make some Mint Water last night from some of last week's spearmint and will make some tonight from the peppermint to see if I notice a big difference. It is pretty yummy and refreshing, almost as good as ice tea! (Though I may well use mint water to make some ice tea for Sunday.)
Mint Water
2 quarts (filtered) water
about 20 clean mint leaves, chopped or torn coarsely
Combine water and mint in container and refrigerate overnight. Strain mint leaves and store water in fridge.


Channon said...

That's a very happy apron! You're right... I'm not fond of orange, but I can admire it in a happy fabric.

I've never prepared fennel, so let me know how that goes.

gaylen said...

That is a fabulous apron. I somehow missed the one you made it was fabulous! Seriously wonderful. I love the orange fabric.

Will be interested to hear what you do with fennel. It's licorce flavor and I don't like licorce so - we used to grow it and the plant is lovely, but I don't like the flavor. g

Bubblesknits said...

Beautiful apron! I love the shape of it, too. :-)

bruce said...

I had some fennel parmigiana or something like that at my favorite italian restaurant. I think the baking/roasting makes the flavor milder. That happens with onions when you grill them.

Anita said...

Love the apron! And I think we should make Chan one just like it! SNOL

Those veggies look absolutely delicious! I love veggies. :)