Monday, June 8, 2009

Really random stuff

I have been slacking on the knitting front lately, mostly due to getting sucked up in the sewing addiction again. This is the apron DTE had asked if I would make for her. I realized it had been slept on by a cat wasn't ironed after I took this picture, so Oribel and I ran the hot metal thing over it and retook its picture. So here it is, sans cat wrinkles but probably still with some stray hairs, but I wasn't nearly as happy with the lighting as I had been earlier. (I'll let you decide which one you like better.)
I have made several other aprons (different patterns though), all gifts so far, and some of them can be seen here and here and, well, here. I have a few more in the works and may get one for myself soon. I am having an awful lot of fun with this new machine even if it means I haven't spent quite as much time knitting. I haven't actually stopped knitting, just slowed down. In fact I have finished another pair of socks, but since we have had over 2" of rain since Friday night, pictures of those will have to wait a bit longer.

I made Pita Bread last week for the first time, and probably won't be buying it at the store anymore. It was super easy to make and way tastier than the stuff one buys. Plus it is so cool to watch the magic that happens in the oven and then watch it collapse as soon as it comes out.

I made English Muffins as well, but I have made those before. They aren't that hard to make, and are very tasty, but I am not convinced that they are enough better than the ones at the store to make them on a regular basis. I am going to make some more this week to double check that thought though, since I forgot the salt and that has a major influence on the taste (and not really in a good way). At least they looked nice.

Dinner tonight was Chicken Tikka Masala and Turmeric Rice
Dal Palak, and Naan (but without the beans). I actually used a recipe from Cook's Illustrated for the chicken (because it is the one I have used for some time now), but I did make Pastor Ryan's Turmeric rice, though I forgot the peas. (Yes, in fact I do use a rice cooker, thank you very much. It frees up a burner and I don't have to worry about the rice boiling over into the burner pan. Not that I ever boil my rice over, but I'm just saying...)

All the rain we had this weekend, in addition to the inch plus we had during the week has been very good for the garden and yard, though of course now the grass needs to be cut, if it ever dries out long enough, which isn't looking too likely for the next couple of days. But that does give us time to make arrangements for showing our summer lawn girl how to run the riding mower and all. (I guess I need to ask her what she wants to be called around here. That, and see if Oribel will talk to her at all. Oh, and see if she needs her skies back for vet school.)

Just for the record, this works for fleas and ticks, but it doesn't do squat for slugs.


Jayhawk said...

I'm sure there's a connection between weekend rain and pictures of socks, and that I merely lack the imagination to come up with it. It's probably something so blindingly obvious that I will slap my forehead with the heel of my hand and say something to the effect of, "Oh, dauh."

I have a vast store of witty sayings like that.

Channon said...

Another purdy apron!! (And Sissy just loves the Oribel hairs and smells, so please don't ever remove them from anything headed our way.)

Pita bread! I love it, so there's another recipe I need. Is it in THE book?

Gnat said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE tikka masala! Yummy!! The shawl is beautiful!!