Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, I was going to tell

you a particular Oribel story for Whiskers on Wednesday today, but there has been a change in plans. I only had the story, as it just wasn't possible to get pictures at the time without ruining it all. I went out to get pictures of the story setting this afternoon, in hopes of giving reference points so it would make a little more sense, but something better than a story without pictures came along. (Are you all confused by now? Excellent, my mission is accomplished. Good-bye, have a wonderful rest of your day.)

Oh, what is that you are screaming? You still want Oribel pictures and stories, do you now? Well, OK then, I guess I can manage (just not the original one, remember?)

So this afternoon I was out in the yard, wandering around, and I just happened to have a camera with me (funny that should be the case). Naturally there was semi-domesticated-semi-wildlife in the yard with me. She was running about, checking out all sorts of stuff (and probably finding more slugs for me to pick out of her fur), and of course she had to go visit her Very Best Friend Forever Of The Moment.


There isn't a whole lot to add to the pictures, I think they pretty much speak for themselves. I do have a few videos of her climbing adventures, but thy are kind of pixely looking, so I'm not sure if you all really want to see them.
Oh, I will add that today is Portugal Day, and you all should head right over here to see how Sue and her gang are celebrating. (Plus, you never know who you might recognize hanging out at her place today!)


momlee said...

S & S look good in blue. What treat are they looking at to get them to stay like that?
And Herself is definitely very agile, and semi-(at least) wildlife.
I still want to hear the original story.

Anita said...

Always cute that Miss Oribel! So, how do you get her back inside & out of the tree? Does she come when you call her or does she come to the door later?

Channon said...

Yes... what was the original story?

And inquiring minds DO want to know - does Oribel come when she's called? (Somehow, I doubt it.)

bruce said...

Yes, we all want to hear the original story> I was wondering how Oribel comes back in, does she just miss her humans or canines or what?

Bubblesknits said...

lol Looks like she's having a good time. :-) Mine would run off and probably end up squished on the highway behind our house.