Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brief amounts of sunshine

this morning allowed for some "natural lighting" pictures of socks.

Not necessarily the greatest pictures, but better than what I was getting inside. I promise they are way prettier in person. Pretty much a basic sock, with an Eye of Partridge heel, bring me to 8 of 12 socks from stash this year. Now I just have to decide which socks I am making next. Well, that and put these into the mail to DTE with her apron.

Speaking of socks and gifts, I got a wonderful, totally unexpected box in the mail on Friday from
Ms. Shivery Knits who sent me a wonderful beverage "sock mug" with a sheep in socks, yarn, and a sock-in-progress. She said that it is extra cool because the yarn on the mug is the exact same color as coffee-yarn.



Sometimes unexpected mail is the best mail of all.


Channon said...

What a great mug! Love both pairs of socks too. I'm glad someone is spoiling you!!

Anita said...

Love the mug!! Makes me want to take up coffee & tea drinking... I suppose there isn't anything that says I can't drink Diet Mt Dew out of a cute mug. LOL