Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, that was exhausting.

This morning I had to go outside to do a little bit of plant management. I had more to do, but after tending to the ones out front I had to come in and rest up before I could deal with the ones on the deck. Seriously, I was probably only outside for about ten minutes and I had to just come in and flop! I was hauling about buckets of water and some wet plants, but I do that several times a week so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Why was I so exhausted after such a normal amount of activity? This is why (sorry it is tiny and hard to read, I used my snipping tool but it will improve with clicking).

We had all kinds of heat advisories all day to stay inside in air conditioned buildings, go to public places if you don't have AC and you are elderly, young; heck, just alive.

Later on, after I had rested up and drank a glass of water and at least one of ice tea, I went out and tended to the million sixty-six plants on the deck.


It had actually cooled down a little by then, it was only 91° and "RealFeel" of 104°. Trust me, even that little bit was better.

But by about five thirty this evening we had a major improvement with some wind and stuff.

It went back up to 80° for a bit but has stayed nice and is back down to 77°; I can have the AC off and the door open. The animals are all happy because they can go out and hang out on the deck, which is where I am headed right now.


MLJ1954 said...

I think yesterday was the hottest it has been in over a month. We had some doozies in early May but the balance of May and most of June has been unseasonably cool with lots of rain.

Take it easy and drink lots of water.

Jayhawk said...

The plants don't seem to mind it. Are the critters staying indoors of their own volition, or is that something that is being beneficially imposed uposed upon them?

In AZ 93 would be lovely, because the humidity would be about 8%. In SD it would be "not bad" because the humidity would be in the low 40's.

I am, of course, a complete idiot, because in Tucson I would go out in the afternoon when it was 117 in the shade and play golf in the sun. Somehow, that never managed to kill me. Lots of things have not managed, and are still not managing, to kill me. I am too mean to kill.

Channon said...

Your awful heat and humitidy are headed our way. The humidity is moving in as we speak, the heat, tomorrow. (Like 88 is comfortable?)

I see you had a supervisor. My girls are going to be miserable; they HATE anything over about 85.

Bubblesknits said...

Ick! That's hotter than it's been here. The kids have decided that a/c is a beautiful thing. lol

Anita said...

And people wonder why our yard & plants suffer in the summer! It stays that dang hot here for months on end! ICK! I'm glad you are back to some cooler temps.

Your plants look lovely!!

Sue said...

We have very high temps, too. I hope it cools off soon for both of us.

ddy said...

good god, why do you have 66 plant on your deck? Are those all hot peppers?