Friday, June 12, 2009

More sewing

When I was at the quilt show in April, I saw this wonderful fabric. Unfortunately they only had it precut, in a kit. Well, I decided that was alright, especially since it was an apron kit with some interesting patterns. Now, I wasn't sure that my first choice would have been the view that they kitted up, but since I was really drawn to the fabric I was OK with it. Yesterday I spent some time with my sewing machine and got it all made up.

It is totally retro and funky in my opinion, and I wasn't sure I would need to keep it when I was all done, but just wanted to play with that fabric. Well I have decided that it is also totally cool and is for keeps!
I would have made the "flounce" part lined as well if there had been enough fabric, which would have made the whole thing completely reversible which is always a plus with an apron in my book. Next time I make this it will have that minor alteration.


This weekend marks the first of two World Wide Knit In Public weekends. It has always been the second weekend of June in the past and this year is the transition year to the third weekend in June. (More details at the link if you so desire.) So a little bit of thought where and when to knit in public is in order I do believe. I will be making sure I have my "handy-dandy-emergency-knitting-in-my-bag" with me today when I go to pick up our first CSA box from one of my favorite Farmer's Market vendors. Since pick-up time is from 4 to 9, I am thinking there is a possibility of a line to stand in. I am pretty excited to have a new apron and fresh spring veggies tonight; I think that will be a great combo.


Channon said...

That is another incredible apron! Wow... And before Gaylen asks, what will you wear under it?

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead.

Marjie said...

My daughter wanted an apron for her birthday last year, to protect her clothes from cleaning the kitchen (no, she doesn't cook). I've started wearing one since then. I like this one! The colors are great. Have a wonderful weekend.

gypsyknits said...

Love the fabric. I just love that retro look. Nicely done.

Sue said...

That's great fabric.