Thursday, June 18, 2009

Partial recap of the week

I realized I forgot to show you the beautiful (and tasty!) vegetables we got last week. There was some really, really amazing spring turnips, asparagus, Red Oak Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Purple Radishes, and spearmint. All that, plus a wonderful newsletter to tell us about the happenings at the farm during the week and a few recipes for inspiration. It turns out there is no waiting in line to pick up our stuff, as it is all dropped off in someone's garage and all I have to do is check off our name and grab out box. Well, starting this week I need to drop off the previous week's box as well. Hubband and I are both pretty excited about having fresh organic local vegetables every week. Pretty soon we will get fruit every couple of weeks as well. I can hardly wait to get this week's box!
I didn't do any Knitting in Public last weekend, but since there is a second chance, a friend and I are going to head north to the big city and hang out on the sidewalk at Knitter's Palette on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be decent (as in dry and not to muggy/buggy).

These are a couple of pictures we took in the back yard last night before the storm came in. (Yes, I know it looks like that tree is dead, but it actually has stuff growing on about half of the branches, so its not dead yet.)

The sun looked pretty cool trying to break through the clouds; I don't think this really does it justice, but it might give you a small taste of how it looked.

I'll leave you with the pictures Hubband took from the front porch (facing South, in case there are any inquiring minds that want to know).


Channon said...

Beautiful weather photos. I love the idea of services like the fresh local you've signed up for, but around here, they seem to cater to the households with a lot more daytime flexibility than we have. That, and the fact that the Knight doesn't eat much produce keeps me from joining.

Jayhawk said...

Is there any reason for not removing the dead parts of the "not dead" tree? Although, I do have to admit it does create a somewhat artistic effect. Loosely defining "artistic" that is.

The vegetables look awesome; fresh spring turnips would be great. We can't get those here, just ones that have wintered over and taste like aged hickory. My wife won't let me cook turnips if she's in the house anyway, so I guess it's irrelevant. We do get really good vegetables otherwise, since Imperial Valley is the "vegetable basket of the US" and is less than an hour's drive east of us.

knitphomaniac said...
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knitphomaniac said... - I posted the recipe in the next comment if you're interested! Thanks for visiting my blog!